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Archiving For Artists Interview

The good fellows from the Archiving for Artists workshop I attended last year got in touch with me for a follow-up interview. I shared some thoughts, feelings, and insights with them; many of which you will find in the article on their site:  290 more words


Hurdles in Digitally-Archiving Formerly Underground, "Taboo" Topics

Over at the Boston Globe, Daniel A. Gross writes about the difficulty of building online archives for formerly underground or “taboo” topics. “Already, the Digital Transgender Archive has illuminated some of the unique challenges facing researchers who want to document something that has long been so misunderstood and taboo. 19 more words

Around The Search & Social Media World

Virtual reality archives memories

Virtual reality archives memories: Once this becomes consumer friendly, I could see the capture…

Sixth Day (26/05/2016)

Beginning today was a bit more difficult than usual, as yesterday I finished my degree which naturally meant that drunken celebrations were in order. Even so, I still managed to get up and get into work at the right time (go me!). 638 more words


An Internet Archive Tech Blog

If you’re at all interested in the technical workings of the Internet Archive, may I recommend Patrick R. Wallace’s blog? Recent blog posts include Fetching subject tags from an Internet Archive Collection, Digitized monographs: packaging for Internet Archive, and Scraping metadata from Internet Archive. 30 more words

Useful Stuff

Archiving and data management guides are now available!

At long last, the newly minted archiving and data management guides are available! You can access these via the CoEDL webpage, under Research > Data Archives. 257 more words


Ending the paper trail

State archives take up a lot of space. Should we digitise the lot, and burn the books? Finland is taking a radical step.

An article by Tom Jeffreys first published on 12 May 2016 in… 593 more words