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Naked cycling

Today’s guest picture is a taster from Sandy’s visit to the other side of the Atlantic.  He claims it is Las Vegas but I seem to have seen that statue somewhere before. 759 more words


New digital curator helps with history class

By Jennifer Helgren

Virtual history exhibits with Joshua Salyers

In the spring semester, students in Dr. Helgren’s Digital Narratives will create Omeka based virtual exhibits about the history of the Delta, the triangular region along the Sacramento River that knits together Stockton, Sacramento, and San Francisco and includes the University of the Pacific. 118 more words


WizKids' "Thanksgaming" Team Article.

DC HeroClix Justice League & Justice Society Thanksgiving Teams – HeroClix by Wizkids Games: http://heroclix.com/strategy-article/dc-heroclix-justice-league-justice-society-thanksgiving-teams/

I completely missed WizKids posting this last week. Time to catch up. 35 more words

HeroClix Player/Collector

An easy pedal and a hard tootle

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my friend Bruce.  He assures me that it shows a fine example of a Hutton’s Unconfomity.  He thought that I would be impressed.  515 more words


EDIT: Avoiding the post-Thanksgiving Day/”Black Friday” silliness. “Listening Pleasure/Learning” while I work or do other things. —

Two Views On The Jim Crow South And Its Legacy Today (Rebroadcast) … 137 more words

Current Events & STEM/HAL/EMC

The lineaments of techno-fascism

A fascinating essay exploring the possible relationship between Nick Land’s right-accelerationism and possible future techno-reactionary movements:

Nick Land, like Moldbug and many other neoreactionaries, typically shuns the term “fascist.” Admittedly, they have some good reasons to do so: despite NRx racism and authoritarianism, its political economy is closer to Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore than Hitler’s Reich.

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Defensive Elites