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In Silence

How I originally envisioned the opening scene of my film, ‘In Silence’; but was made impractical by poor weather and light on day of shooting.

Desolate Sunset

Many have wondered what business this building has here…

Basic architectural glazing material in UE4

Unreal Engine 4.18

  1. Create a new material, and double click it to edit it.
  2. In the Details panel, under Material, set Blend Mode to Translucent.
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Unreal Engine

Illusion of Wealth

‘Nothing like coming home to my rocker after a long day down the mine’

To see a space before it exists

3D Architectural & Interior Visualization has become a staple requirement when pitching for any construction project. Initially, this trend started off as perspective sketches that a designer would present to a client but as clients aren’t trained in understanding concept plans or sketches, coupled with the fact commercially available computers became powerful enough to render a space, design companies started including architectural renders in their pitch. 267 more words


Archviz Name etc

Something about the project! Something about how you got the inspiration and speak about some major asset you had to make for the scene and how complex it was without going in the details. 9 more words