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Cathedral Cove

Last Saturday, we set off to see the famous and spectacular Cathedral Cove, a marine reserve, that had everyone we know talking about it. It is located at the end of Grange Road at Hahei on the end of the Coromandel peninsula. 620 more words

New Zealand

Pink is the Colour of Fashion. And My Skin.

Beautiful day yesterday, so I went down to Plot 26 and pottered for a bit in the sun – my arms won’t thank me later. I got the water pipes (mostly) sorted, put a new handle on the glasshouse door, mended the gate so it now actually opens(!), took down the old archway, and put the new one up. 84 more words

Plot 26

Building as Art

Some people may think this looks like an average walkway in front of a building, but I see more than just a mundane building or walkway.   19 more words

Courtyard city, part II

I’ve previously remarked that Vilnius is a city full of courtyards. Here is one from the heart of the spruced-up streets in the old town, which goes to show how long time it takes to get a city that has been allowed to fall into disrepair to return to its former glory. 60 more words


Mathy Lisika-Minsende: creative mentor

Everyone has a story. Multi-lingual extrovert Mathy Lisika-Minsende is a master of confidence boosting storytelling – she uses this and practical skills to help people unhappy in their jobs develop the courage to do something they really want. 984 more words

Working In Islington

The Detour

The footsteps behind her were persistent. Samantha clutched the camera bag close to her chest. Her heartbeat thudded faster, a dull drone in her ears. Each time she sped up, so did he. 211 more words

Challenges And Writing Prompts