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15 Huge Ocean Conservation Victories of 2015

Finding the good… it is so easy to feel that humanity is making no traction in protecting the environment – the ocean but according to EcoWatch, there has been great movement this past year. 193 more words


How Shell got to the Arctic - and why they didn't get what they wanted

Audubon has a good article talking about some of the process that went into Shell being granted permission to return to the Arctic this past year, and some of the regulations that actually slowed them down a bit. 1,054 more words


Will Arctic Drilling Be Left Out in the Cold?

#sHellNo sign on water in front of Shell icebreaker Fennica in Portland, OR

On September 28th, Royal Dutch Shell announced that it would be ceasing oil exploration off Alaska’s Arctic coast for the foreseeable future. 894 more words


Shell Freezes its Arctic Oil Drilling

  • Shell has abandoned its controversial drilling operations in the Alaskan Arctic in the light of mounting opposition from
  • Shell said that it had made a marginal discovery of oil and gas with its summer exploration in the Chukchi Sea but not enough to continue to the search for the “foreseeable” future.
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@GreenpeaceNZ @savethearctic real reason @Shell stopped Arctic drilling @NZGreens

5 Ways People Power Helped Defeat Shell >> bit.ly/1L4KgAP #savethearctic http://t.co/e3Bn319yOe
Greenpeace Canada (@GreenpeaceCA) October 06, 2015

Today in Energy: Sustained low oil prices could reduce exploration and production investment …

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Applied Price Theory

Greenpeace Uses LEGOs to Save Polar Bears

The summer sea ice volume in the Arctic has shrunk 75% in the last 30 years. Impacted by climate change, melting arctic sea ice is subsequently speeding up the rate of… 1,013 more words


Shell Abandons Alaskan Arctic Oil Drilling Project


By Jennifer Baker on 09/28/2015 Revolution News

Shell announced Monday that it was abandoning the controversial $7 billion, seven-year quest for crude oil under Arctic waters after an exploratory well failed to find significant amounts of oil and gas. 388 more words