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I listen to all kinds of music. From pop, rock, RnB, Croatian traditional music, Spanish songs…. The only two bands that I listen no matter what are Arctic Monkeys and Camila. 132 more words


5 Covers

By: Corinne Maiorano 

A cover song is traditionally known as a new performance of a pre-released song. Despite the song not being performed by the original artist, a good song cover has the ability to transform a song into something completely unique. 329 more words

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Just look at this and tell me the weather hasn’t gone demented. Is it any surprise people are falling sick left, right and centre? From a high of 30 down to 17 in a matter of 24 hours. 67 more words


The Playlist: Noughties Britannia Part One

I buy music often. Merch at concerts, CDs from my local Salvos to play in my shitty 1997 Ford Laser, old vinyls (despite not having a record player. 1,429 more words


How did I acquire my current Music Taste?

My last blog post has inspired me to blog about how I became to love the music I listen to today. I would say that it all started with Brian Helgeland’s 2001 ‘ 253 more words

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study the boys

Fashion, for some strange reason, tends to be deemed as a feminine interest. Thanks to a gradually improving society, androgynous models and boys who wear makeup are becoming more commonplace. 584 more words

Sounds of... October

So I’ve FINALLY joined Spotify! I’m late to the party, I know…

I’m constantly making playlists on my iPod so I thought, why not create them on Spotify for you to enjoy too! 69 more words