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ARCTIC SEA-ICE --The Newfoundland Crunch--

The coast of Newfoundland is an excellent example, this year, of how the sea-ice”extent” graph can decrease even as the “volume” graph increases. In the middle of February the sea-ice had spread far from the coast, to the cross-hairs formed by the 50° W longitude and 50° N latitude lines. 1,205 more words

Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) - Day 80 - 2018

Antarctica has made an amazing recovery from 2017. As of day 80 it is 11th lowest. Almost 1,000,000 sq km more than the same day in 2017.

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Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic Max was Day 73 for 2018

I think I can call Arctic max for 2018. The Arctic would have to gain 300,000 sq km to pass the day 73 max. Unikely. 43 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

Spring Outlook AER

Dr. Judah Cohen has posted his outlook on the spring in Arctic and NH at his AER blog.  Exerpts below with my bolds.


  • The Arctic Oscillation (AO) is currently slightly negative and is predicted to trend positive but never to stray too far from neutral .
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Arctic Sea Ice

Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) - Day 78 - 2018

Antarctica is now within one standard deviation from the mean. The last time was day 6.

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Arctic Sea Ice

CLICK BAIT --Arctic Temperatures Crash Below Normal--

The DMI graph tells it all.

The only reason I’m pounding a drum about temperatures being slightly below normal at the Pole is because the media made such a hoopla about the spike that preceded it. 1,053 more words