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Arctic Ice December 14

In the first two weeks of December we can see Chukchi at the left filling in with only 8% open water remaining, and Bering starting to freeze. 374 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

ARCTIC SEA ICE --Dullsville--

When I last posted a week ago the “anti-Ralph” high pressure on the Siberian side of the Pole was forecast to fade south into Siberia, but it hasn’t obeyed. 558 more words

Sea Ice Extent (Global Antarctic and Arctic) - Day 347 - 2017

Arctic is at 6th lowest for day 347. Antarctic is 3rd lowest. Global is 2nd lowest (but still 1.8 million km above 2016).

South / North

Arctic Sea Ice

Hudson Bay Freezes in 26 Days

This year Hudson Bay added 728k km2 from day 318 to 344 (yesterday).  Nov. 14  showed 280k km2 rising to 1008k on Dec. 10, 2017. About 20% of the basin is yet to freeze. 6 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

ARCTIC SEA ICE --Ice Traps Narwhals--

One thing that has fascinated me, in my study of sea-ice, is how swiftly vast areas can freeze over. This is apparent from many sources. 1,958 more words