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ARCTIC SEA ICE --The Long Arm of the Ralph--Updated Monday Night

Ralph is back at it at the Pole, fed by feeder bands of milder air brought up by the loopy jet stream. The most typical feeder band comes up from the Atlantic, but now I am starting to see signs of more unusual sources, taking more difficult routes. 1,998 more words

Surging Arctic Ice Nov. 30

The growth of Arctic ice extent has been slower than usual this year.  After showing resilience in September, ending higher than 2007, ice growth lagged in October, and is only now ramping up toward the averages.   174 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic May Become Temperate Zone - 1922

A 1922 newspaper. The article was dead wrong. Today's Arctic is melting news stories? Right or Wrong? I am confident they are just as wrong…

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Arctic Sea Ice