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Arctic Not a Refrigerator

People are duped by false alarms about Arctic sea ice because they have (subliminally) bought into the notion likening the Arctic to their home refrigerator. This post is to dissuade you from taking on board that false analogy. 644 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic Ice Rebuilding

The media and warmists ignore Arctic ice in wintertime because they are obsessed with the summer melt, and hoping for lots of open water.  In fact, ice extent trends are basically driven by the freezing this time of year, while Sept. 224 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

Sea Ice and Sea Level Update

Post Paris sea level alarms are ramping up:
As global temperatures rise, scientists know that sea levels will follow suit. Today, global sea level is the topic of two new papers, both published in Nature Climate Change. 811 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

Ocean Disruption from Abrupt Climate Change, Crappy Sea Ice

Ocean Disruption from Abrupt Climate Change

Published on Feb 6, 2016
The ocean surface currents and temperatures are not behaving normally. Abrupt climate change that is presently underway is changing ocean properties; I discuss how and why for the Pacific and Atlantic basins. 70 more words


ARCTIC SEA ICE --Lag Time--Updated Wednesday Morning

My last post (which flattered me by getting posted on Watts Up With That),  took a week to write, but I haven’t been ignoring the arctic. 1,587 more words

Arctic Sea Ice