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ARCTIC SEA ICE --Sad News About North Pole Camera--

Yesterday I received this polite email:



I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we are all out of luck for a North Pole webcam this year.  NPEO did not receive the proposed renewal for this year.   189 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic Mayday? Not

On May1, we have the complete Arctic ice extent record for April 2016.  So we can look at how the melt season is progressing. As you can see, the ice is down a little, but no reason to put out a distress signal. 295 more words

Arctic Sea Ice

JAXA Sea Ice Extent (Antarctic and Arctic) - Day 121 - 2016

JAXA sea ice extent data from Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Arctic Sea Ice

ARCTIC SEA ICE --Comparison with 2006--

I was listening to some Bach yesterday to mellow out my temper, but unfortunately was on a PBS station which injected a bit of Climate Change hoopla into my brain before I could change the channel, the result being I was anything but mellow. 2,215 more words