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Shipping LNG in the Arctic

We have some indication, we will soon see LNG being shipped in the Arctic. gCaptain reports an apparent intention of a Chinese/Greek consortium to build five ice capable LNG tankers for the transport of Russian LNG via the Arctic. 107 more words


Brothers - part IV

Done fighting, the brothers laid down again next to each other as if nothing had happened. It was really special to see this bond between two bears. 38 more words


Sea Ice Extent - Day 275 - Antarctic Still Climbing - 711,000 in 7 Days

Ignoring the weird day, the day of Max is now day 275.The latest day of Max was 1988 when it occurred on day 277.

Records (ignoring weird day) 58 more words

Antarctic Sea Ice

Rising underwater Arctic heat could cause further ice melt

Heat escaping from the depths of the Arctic Ocean and rising to the surface could accelerate ice melt in the region, new research has revealed.

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Environmental Attention

GEOTRACES Cross-over Station Abandoned due to Rough Weather

This morning the decision was made to abandon the U.S. – Canadian GEOTRACES cross-over station due to rough weather. The cross-over station was designed to compare results with Canadian researchers who occupied the same location in mid-September to ensure the accuracy of our measurements within the international oceanographic community.  186 more words


At Arctic Energy Summit, Herding Both Reindeer and Oil Are on the Agenda

Across the vast tundra of northern Eurasia, nomadic indigenous peoples have herded reindeer for thousands of years. From the Sami in Fennoscandia and northwest Russia to the Chukchi in northeast Russia, herding reindeer is, for many Arctic peoples, a way of life. 1,720 more words