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Death spiral

This poor woman, Russian Arctic scientist Natalia Shakhova is doing her very best to hold it together. To see her speak about the methane “time bomb” under the melting permafrost which she studies, and which is poised to detonate and, essentially, finish us all off, is painful to watch, to say the least.   295 more words


The Train Dogs

Out of the night and the north;
Savage of breed and of bone,
Shaggy and swift comes the yelping band,
Freighters of fur from the voiceless land… 99 more words


Shell: internal carbon pricing and the limits of big oil company action on climate

Originally posted at Skeptical Science on March 24th, 2015.

Shell evaluates all of its projects using a shadow carbon tax of $40 per tonne of carbon dioxide. 2,519 more words

Victory lap

The Department of the Interior’s much ballyhooed decision about whether or not to let Shell Oil try drilling (again) in the Arctic is expected any day now. 702 more words


Climate news poorly reported in the news, about things you should know

Summary: Today we look at arctic sea ice and tornadoes. While they tell us important information about our world, how the news tells us about them tells us even more. 927 more words

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