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Where to begin?

I can only speak for myself at this point – Sarah’s journey is different – but to begin at the beginning, while studying at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, I leafed through a copy of National Geographic in the library and discovered the Danish Sirius Sledge Patrol featured in an advert for Rolex watches. 250 more words


Summer in Alaska: Day 8

So, if there is no water, is it still a beach? Random shots from an after dinner stroll. The usual Barrow highlights: ice, broken things, and my favourite old boat (subset of the broken things category). 76 more words


Summer in Alaska: Day 7

Today we pretty much got everything into place. Shawn and Alistair headed for home, while Keith and I will stay a few more days to tune and iron out a few operational kinks. 170 more words


Farewell to Summit Station

I left the ice in early February and hit the ground running with a lot of things happening over the past few months. So, better late than never? 1,030 more words


Isbjørn Mack


/golden color

/soft, flat foam

/this lager fabricated by the most Nordic brewery in the world offers a cold blue label with a white ice beer. Drink this when in Tromsø!



It must have been me ...

As I said earlier there was something missing from the trip but before I go there let’s recap …

The weather and the sea were pretty kind to us. 307 more words