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Arctic Quest Big Mens Polyfill Snowpant Plans

If you are moving in the wrong direction, the arrow is going to turn yellow or red. It will also show you where to turn the… 353 more words

Strong Words, But Little Action at Arctic Summit #arctic #summit #environment

After a one-day summit in the U.S. Arctic’s biggest city, leaders from the world’s northern countries acknowledged that climate change is seriously disrupting the Arctic ecosystem, yet left without committing themselves to serious action to fight the negative impacts of global warming. 961 more words


Arctic Star Complex Guke Luo heart sunglasses driving mirror Root

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Field Notes from the Arctic: Journey through Northwest Russia

The black smoke of a banya, a lake blanketed by buzzing mosquitos, a dark and silent wooden church, the white back of a beluga whale arching above the surface of the White Sea: these are some of my defining memories of the Russian Northwest. 938 more words


FX - A quick world tour

Arctic: Global warming effects get political in a new way. That’s why you may hear about the US-Russian icebreaker gap. This may be a possible reason for the Chinese ships off the coast of Alaska, mentioned earlier. 101 more words


To Green Party Supporter re Vacation


You believe that Global Warming is caused by humans releasing CO2 and what do you do? Fly to the Arctic and back again for your… 516 more words


Chossudovsky: Glacier Conference a global warming "smokescreen" for geo-political gains


The US global military agenda pertains to the gas and oil rich Arctic region, says Michel Chossudovsky, from the Center for Research on Globalization. Unlike other states with claims to the region, it doesn’t have territory extending into the Arctic Ocean, he adds. 1,096 more words

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