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Massive amounts of carbon are locked away in permafrost -- for how much longer?

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Researchers have confirmed the widespread release of ancient carbon from melting Arctic permafrost in what could be the lit fuse on a climate-change bomb.

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Flexibility is key

Travel, travel. You must always be prepared to have your plans change at the last-minute. I was supposed to leave from Ottawa yesterday, to start making my way towards Hawai’i and the World Conservation Congress. 518 more words


Sometimes making a decision on an expedition cruise is really difficult. When we arrived at Bråsvellbreen after dinner the weather was far from optimal. The rain was pouring down and the visibility was bad. 193 more words


Arctic Cruise Liner review

This week, a massive, luxury cruise liner departed from Anchorage, Alaska, on the first leg of a 32-day cruise through the Northwest Passage. More than 15 years ago, scientists found ecosystem around… 172 more words

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent - 940,000 sq km Higher Than 2012 - Day 238 - 2016

Day 238 in Arctic is 940,000 sq km Higher Than 2012.

And remember, in 2012 there was a massive cyclone that caused the low. Not melting. 12 more words

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