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The Energy Dimension in China’s Arctic Interests

China’s increasing demand for oil and gas means that it is searching abroad to secure new sources of imports. With its rich resources, the Arctic region could serve this purpose, and Chinese oil companies have shown interest in exploration and production opportunities there. 1,447 more words

Seasons of Light

The Arctic offers a varying array of light conditions throughout the year.  Typically, regions are defined by their seasons; how cool, how warm, how wet and how long? 629 more words

Palm Trees and Crocs in the ARCTIC!!

Yesterday I posted about a study suggesting 52 mya Antarctica had palm trees and other tropical and sub-tropical vegetation (see link below). Turning now to the other side there is also a study that concluded that the Arctic (North Pole) had palm trees and even crocodiles 52 mya! 811 more words

Climate Change

Last call for AJA RECENT RESEARCH NOTES for the next volume

I have to finalize the RRN in the next couple of days.  If you have something you’d like in there, pleas get it to me properly formatted (including C14 dates, tables, etc.).   16 more words


Achieving Greenland and Searching for Robert

First thing we have to do, we have to find Robert.

The men smoking outside the concrete block terminal are not Robert so I ask around inside. 462 more words


Tromsø: Tips for Travellers

I recently visited Tromsø, the world’s northernmost city and it seemed like just the moment to share my top tips for having an excellent and affordable time in this beautiful little city. 735 more words


Grow and Tell: Alaska gardening app

I just installed this beauty on my phone yesterday! And I encourage anyone else who is growing or who wants to grow (or if you are just curious about ) any type of veggies in Alaska.  118 more words