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This Week in Ice: Nov. 12--18

This week, NASA’s Operation Icebridge offered us more spectacular views of Antarctica. Operation Icebridge uses research aircraft to capture images of Earth’s polar ice “to better understand connections between polar regions and the global climate system. 972 more words


Climate Warming Increases Impacts on Arctic Ecosystems

Climate change and climate warming in the Arctic Region (parts of the United States, Canada, Denmark (Greenland), Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia), at least in the short-term, brings completely new economic opportunities to the region overall. 420 more words

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Exploding Meteor lights up the Arctic

Video follows. On the evening of Nov. 16th, aurora tour guide Tony Bateman of northern Finland was indoors, warming up between auroras, when his surroundings began to vibrate. 255 more words


Putin wants to keep foreign shipping out of Russia's Northern Sea Route

Ships under the Russian flag could get the exclusive right to transport oil and gas along the Northern Sea Route, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin who proposed the measure to boost the country’s shipbuilding industry. 208 more words


Arctic Climate Change Leads to Major Impacts on the Environment

It is already crystal clear that Arctic climate change and warming leads to climate change and warming everywhere else on Earth. The damage that has already been caused by human beings is irreversible, since scientists think that there is no returning back to what once was. 323 more words

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The Long Arctic Winter

It has been a month since we arrived on station and we have settled into our roles. Every week seems to bring some form of excitement to keep things interesting, and we’ve had a few good wind storms, but thankfully nothing too dramatic. 547 more words