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Each time I see the upside down Heron

Our Great Blue Heron in affectionate homage to Shel Silverstein…

“Each time I see the Upside-Down Man 
Standing in the water, 
I look at him and start to laugh,  175 more words


Portraits of a heron in February

Even in Northern Virginia, where temperature are relatively mild, winter must be difficult for Great Blue Herons, because many of their favorite ponds freeze over from time to time and fishing is not possible. 122 more words


There Be Herons Here

Out of the shadows, the wild steps
lightly, all sharing the same dream
rising from the dry, dry earth.

In Sight (excerpt)

John Dofflemyer
Wind Under my Skin…

303 more words

Great Blue Heron in Flight

Random Number Photo 3567 is a great blue heron in flight. Probably one of the easier birds to photograph in the air because they are pretty large and don’t fly particularly fast. 73 more words


Quirky Artist Stories Nbr 5: Art on a Snowy Day

Last weekend, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston to see the Goya Exhibit courtesy of tickets from my friend, Marge. While the Goya show was superb, the Monet, Gauguin, O’Keefe, and Matisse brought goosebumps as always. 444 more words


Confused heron

This Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) seemed a little confused when the ponds froze over at my local marshland park and appeared to be trying to stalk fish that he may or may not have been able to see through the ice. 7 more words


Full wing extension

Can you identify the bird in the first photo? There is an almost abstract quality to the image that I really like that focuses on the bird’s wide wingspan more than on the identity of the bird. 105 more words