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A Heron in Banff

I was in Banff for an early morning sunrise shoot a couple of weeks ago.  Following that, I spent the morning hiking and driving around looking for wildlife.   71 more words


A Heron in Yellowstone

Great blue herons are a favourite bird of mine.  I was very happy when I spotted this one fishing along the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park when I was there a few weeks ago.   174 more words


Wings of a heron

I’ve probably photographed a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) taking off dozens of times, but this is the first time when I captured the bird flying directly away from me. 75 more words


Capturing a heron with a macro lens

Do you find yourself shooting the same subjects with the same lens all of the time? Sometimes it’s fun to try to try to photograph a subject with the “wrong” lens. 497 more words


Stern disapproval

Yesterday when a Great Blue Heron at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia turned and intently stared at me, its look conveyed a definite sense of stern disapproval. 87 more words


Who's a good Great Blue Heron? You are! You are a good Great Blue Heron! (Post #300)

Doesn’t this Great Blue Heron holding a seagull feather bring to mind a friendly dog playfully carrying his favorite toy back to you, wagging his tail? 300 more words


Great Blue Heron [Ardea herodias] ~ 2016 #30

The first sighting of the Great Blue Heron was at the beginning of February, while walking around Lost Lagoon. Actually it was my son who spotted it and pointed it out to me, in a tree above the pathway. 153 more words

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