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Great Blue Herons Cooling Off

Birds have a number of ways of keeping cool. They don’t sweat, nor do they pant, but birds do have several behavioral adaptations which reduce their temperature. 125 more words

Great Blue Herons 1, Bald Eagle 0 (Not Art Nbr 6)

Wherein the Bald Eagle was looking for lunch in all the wrong places.

Readers may remember the dismay felt when a fierce storm toppled the Great Blue Herons’ nesting tree…

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Stationary heron

Great Blue Herons (Ardea Herodias) are so motionless when they are fishing that they look almost like statues. The Great Blue Heron that I spotted this morning at the edge of a pond at… 40 more words


Beautiful Great Blue Heron + KonMari your Blogging Life

It’s very easy to KonMari your online life. If you find a blog or site that Sparks Joy, subscribe and follow. If you find a blog or site that doesn’t? 501 more words


Beautiful Great Blue Heron on Bough

No two days at the lake are the same. In literally thousands of hours in the field, I have observed a Great Blue Heron on this pine bough only once before, nearly ten years ago. 259 more words


Great Blue Heron Pose Only a Mother Could Love: Not Art Nbr 5

This Great Blue Heron is a woman of many moods. It is the same individual Great Blue Heron you see here, and here, and… 266 more words


Glamorous Great Blue Heron

Experimenting with the final look and feel of a photograph using different color tones is a fun method of artistic license. The photos here show the same scene rendered 5 different ways. 230 more words