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Hackaday Links: July 5, 2015

It’s the fifth of July. What should that mean? Videos on YouTube of quadcopters flying into fireworks displays. Surprisingly, there are none. If you find one, put it up in the comments. 332 more words


milli() implementation and interrupts

Josh pointed out that the Arduino interrupt handlers were kinda inefficient.

I found this study on milli implementation.

I’m a bit surprised that the interrupt handler does the time fraction correction (a tick is 1.024ms or 3/125) instead of the time functions. 145 more words


Mengunggah Program Arduino Melalui Bluetooth

Seringkali kita dibuat malas saat harus memprogram mobile robot dimana seringkali harus berjalan kesana-kemari mengambil robot untuk diprogram ulang. Kelihatannya hanya hal sepele tapi terkadang ikut menyumbang stres dalam memprogram. 510 more words


How to Use A Joystick With Arduino

I recently learned how to connect and use a joystick with the Intel Edison which has an Arduino breakout board. For this tutorial you need a few things. 116 more words


Netduino 3 Wifi xively nRF24L01 Gateway

The first version of this code acquired data from a number of *duino devices and uploaded it to xively for a week without any problems(bar my ADSL modem dropping out every so often which it recovered from without human intervention). 745 more words


Arduino, Plexiglass and Superglue, how can you go wrong?

Like most tinkerers, I started on a project that I have been whittling away at for a long time but haven’t finished.  I am trying to add automation to my faux wood blinds using an Arduino Nano, servo and a wifi card.   422 more words


My Speculations On Open Hardware

Yesterday I attended a workshop on Tweeq – an open hardware platform from Singapore similar and compatible to Arduino. I was first surprised by how such powerful processor, memory capacity, sensors, mini display screen and communication hubs could be made possible at a total size smaller than a McDonald chicken nugget (apparently I am super hungry now :D). 212 more words