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First Look at ABC: Basic Connections

, aka has been making circuit diagram art for a few years now, and has just come out with a book that’s available on Kickstarter… 687 more words


Waren's L.E.D Music Visualizer: 16 Steps (with Pictures)

Another basic Arduino project is waiting for you to build! This exciting project will allow you to create an awesome L.E.D Music Visualizer

Sourced through Scoop.it from: … 13 more words

Giora Tal

Arduino vs. Significant Figures: Preliminary 64-bit Fixed Point Exercise

Although it’s not advertised, the Arduino / AVR compiler mostly does the right thing with long long = uint64_t variables: add & subtract work fine, but multiplication & division discard anything that doesn’t fit into 64 bits. 299 more words


Computer controlled reflux still

Good Evening Readers,

Today I got to try my latest creation, a computer controlled reflux still.  It is too cool!  It has a temperature sensor that controls a fan to adjust the amount of refluxing. 129 more words


First Arduino Steps - Selecting Resistors

Today, I learned about Arduino and I am amazed, again. I learned about circuits at the very beginning. After that we connected our simple circuit to an Arduino Leonardo and then we played around with analog and digital I/O. 526 more words


Go Big or Go Home: A Tablecloth Touchpad

Phone screens keep getting bigger. Computer screens keep getting bigger. Why not a large trackpad to use as a mouse? had that thought and with a few components and some sewing skills created a… 174 more words

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