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Tracktorino Shields You From Poor Interfaces

On-screen controls in a digital audio workstation expand the power of a DJ or musician, but they are not intuitive for everyone. The tactility of buttons, knobs, sliders and real-world controls feels nothing like using a mouse, trackpad, or even a touchscreen. 206 more words


ESP32 Arduino: DHT22 Minimum Sampling Period

In this tutorial we will check how to get the minimum sampling period of the DHT22 and how to use it to make some temperature measurements without crossing the maximum sampling rate.  843 more words


ESP32 Arduino: Getting humidity measurements from a DHT22 sensor

In this tutorial, we will check how we can get humidity measurements from a DHT22 sensor, with the Arduino core running on the ESP32. To make the interaction with the sensor easier, I’m using a  571 more words


Laser projector ditches galvanometer for spinning drum

Laser projectors like those popular in clubs or laser shows often use mirror galvanometers to reflect the laser and draw in 2D. Without galvos, and on a tight budget, decided that instead of downgrading the quality, he would seek an entirely different solution: … 266 more words


Basic Arduino LED Experiments in Tinkercad Circuits!

Our freshest Arduino tutorials for Tinkercad Circuits are here! Get started with the popular electronics prototyping platform entirely virtually by following along with our interactive beginner LED experiment lessons… 70 more words



Arduino Microcontroller: Processing For Everyone! Second Edition (Synthesis Lectures On Digital Circuits And Systems) Library Download Book (PDF and DOC) Iv Arduino Microcontroller:Processing for Everyone! Second Edition Steven F.Barrett 2012 Advanced Circuit Simulation Using Multisim Workbench David Báez-López Arduino Microcontroller: Processing for Everyone! 145 more words


Parola A to Z - Sprite Text Effects

A recent feature of the Parola library is sprite based text effects. This extends the functionality of the library to include fully customisable, user defined, animated bitmaps to wipe text on and off the LED matrix display. 470 more words