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TeensyStep - Fast Stepper Library for Teensy

The Teensy platform is very popular with hackers — and rightly so. Teensys are available in 8-bit and 32-bit versions, the hardware has a bread-board friendly footprint, there are a ton of Teensy libraries available, and they can also run standard Arduino libraries. 321 more words



Arduino is a chip which consists of varieties of microprocessors and micro-controller. It also has multiple pins which are embedded in the chip. Micro-controller controls the flow of the current. 211 more words


Programming the AZ3166 Azure DevKit - getting started

I’ve been looking forward to the release of the Azure AZ3166 “MXChip IoT DevKit” – a device with lots of sensors and outputs built into the device, that I can securely connect to IoT Hubs in the Azure cloud. 987 more words


Week 2 - Motor Soldering and Coding

After completing the LED challenge in Week 1, we were able to move straight on to working on the motor system in the second week. 359 more words


Week 1 - LED Flash Challenge

The first challenge we had to overcome for this design project was to create a circuit that transmitted an binary signal through the flashing of two LED’s. 290 more words


Multijoy Retro Gaming System

The right tool joypad for the job

The RetroPie project is great! You can turn your Raspberry Pi into a NES/SNES Mini clone in no time and you don’t need to stop there as adding additional systems such as Atari 2600, Master System, MegaDrive, C64, PlayStation 1 etc happen almost automagically thanks to some clever install scripts. 603 more words


Blog 3: Arduino Blink

For my third blog post, for the module Physical and Pervasive Interfaces, I will be discussing using an arduino for the first time, and making it preform it’s simplest function, which is to blink. 202 more words

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