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Part 0: Getting started with IoT on AWS and Arduino (+ESP8266)

I’ll be doing a series of posts on getting started with building IoT applications using an AWS EC2 Instance and an Arduino with ESP8266 WiFi Module. 315 more words


NES Reborn as Nexus Player and NES

Anyone who has a Raspberry Pi and an old Nintendo has had the same thought. “Maybe I could shove the Pi in here?” This ran through head, but instead of doing the same old Raspberry Pi build he decided to… 186 more words


This installation makes poetry using MIT’s ConceptNet

Definitions is a meditation on digital ontologies and commodification.

The brainchild of Parsons School of Design student Bryan Ma, Definitions is a poetic computational installation comprised of 15 small, networked LCD that serves as a metaphor for the use of neuro-linguistic programming (NLB) in commoditizing human activity on the web. 359 more words

Makers Movement

New Approach for Sensor Network


The work we were doing as a group mimics the work already done on the site link above. Once I realized how simple this could be, I quickly changed gears from code writing to code evaluation. 656 more words


Connecting CC3000 WiFi shield to Arduino Uno

Recently I started being a diehard fan of Arduino and as you may already know, Arduino is about programming the hardware which I think is really a cool subject. 355 more words


Watch this Maker remotely control a robot with his LEGO exoskeleton

Danny Benedettelli has added a new dimension to remote manipulators by building a robotic exoskeleton out of LEGO.

A remote manipulator, also known as a “waldo” thanks to the 1942 short story by Robert Heinlein, is an electronic telemetric input device that enables a mechanism to be controlled by a human operator. 264 more words

Makers Movement

Astro-Health: Solar-Powered Telemedicine Applications for Remote Areas (S.T.A.R)

Man first went to the moon in 1969. We have a permanent base in the Lower Earth Orbit (the International Space Station). Plans are underway to go to Mars in 2030, and private space explorations are on the rise. 282 more words