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InMoov First Twitches of Life

The 6 servo’s needed to build the InMoov robotic arm/hand arrived since my previous InMoov post, and are now installed and working individually. All up they cost about $35AUD on Ebay. 235 more words

3D Print

Arduino ASCII Art

So often when I am writing code for an Arduino board, I have to edit the code when I am away from the board and need a reference for which pins have been used and which board I am using. 159 more words


New Robot Chassis in stock: ROBOT-2WD-KIT2

We have new Robot Chassis in stock! It’s with two gear motors, two aluminum plates, free castor wheel, two 60 mm wheels attached to the motors, all necessary fittings. 147 more words

New Product

Tracking Rotary Movement

So.… What once started as another test program to learn about a sensor, turned into a colossal program that was worth of sharing with you guys. 1,847 more words


DIY Coil Gun Redux: Life Really is Easier with Arduino

A common complaint in the comments of many a Hackaday project is: Why did they use a microcontroller? It’s easy to Monday morning quarterback someone else’s design, but it’s rare to see the OP come back and actually prove that a microcontroller was the best choice. 246 more words

Arduino Hacks

Noted: Control Large DC Motors with Arduino! SyRen Motor Driver Tutorial from NYCNC [Video]

If you are starting to work with custom Arduino and Raspberry Pi systems, it is only a matter of time before you want to start driving larger and larger systems with it. 217 more words


Active STEM learning with evive

The world is shifting towards new ways of learning, with rote bookish learning being phased out in favour of learning-by-doing. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is particularly benefiting from this movement, with students being able to learn by experimentation and unleashing their creativity. 428 more words