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1. -BLINK program 2.deo!

Nastavljamo dalje!

2.0. Analiza programa “Blink”

Primetićete da se svaki program koji imate u “Examples” sastoji iz najmanje dva bloka (ili tela, ta dva pojma imaju isto značenje). 1,068 more words


1. -BLINK program 1.deo!

Počinjemo! :D

U ovom tutorijalu napravićemo vrlo jednostavan kod sa nekim osnovnim funkcijama Arduina, upoznaćemo se sa Arduino razvojnim okruženjem i sa nekim osnovnim pojmovima u programiranju. 536 more words


Using up to 24 interrupt pins on Arduino Mega.

This weekend I finally completed my several months long venture into the Atmega interrupt registry, in attempts to get more than just Arduino Megas’ 3 interrupt pins available for my project (which calls for at least 16 interrupt pins). 610 more words


Arduino Beginner

Lately I have been challenging the ‘cant’ of standards set forth.  A while ago I had the idea that the propulsion of a magnet from another magnet by forcing the same polarities together can be used as an energy source, a renewable energy source if cycled properly.   268 more words

The S.F. Bay Area is not a haven for the electronics hobbyist!

Note: This post is not a hate fest!

I realized this when I was at the Orange County Microcenter in SoCal to get my hands on the… 878 more words

Start Gaming Early with IKEA High (Score) Chair

If you want your kid to be really great at something, you have to start them out early. must want his kid to be a video gamer… 139 more words


Microprocessors (Minor Project): Arduino-based Equipotential Lines and Electric Field Mapping Device

An exercise in Phys 82 (Electromagnetism) involves reading the voltages of specific points in an electric field in order to map out the equipotential lines. This microprocessor-based device aids in determining the lines of constant electric potential for different configurations of oppositely charged conductors. 437 more words