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Arduino Notes from Feb 28th

Hi all,

Notes from the Arduino session held last Saturday February 28th are available at http://www.fablabmh.org/arduino/


Controlling RGB LEDs with Arduino

Being able to control basic colour LEDs was the first phase of development. Controlling RGB LEDs require a little more programming and understanding of how LEDs operate. 67 more words


Powering LEDs with Arduino

For the final result of my project, I intent to produce a light installation that is built up from a number of RGB LEDs. In order to fully understand how LEDs are controlled through programming, I decided to start with the basics. 73 more words


Automated Pocky Dispenser

Sometimes, along comes a build project that is not so much a fail, as how not to do it. First off, some of us here had to look up what a Pocky is, never having heard, seen or tasted one – seriously. 234 more words

Misc Hacks

Arduino vs Raspberry Pi!

Many people ask me if they should get an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi and the answer is quite simple: if you are a beginner, you should get an Arduino first and THEN get a Raspberry Pi. 1,349 more words

Programming advice for an engineer: Get an Arduino

Until the beginning of this year, I’ve only been coding in Matlab, GNU Octave and a few other comparable high-level 4th generation programming languages. I’ve long wanted to learn a more basic programming language which allows smaller and faster programs (more on this in another post). 242 more words

Getting Started