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Here’s my first project using conductive thread. Using the Sew Electric kit, I made a bookmark out of crafting felt, sewing a battery inside that lights up an led. 136 more words

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Arduino Video isn't Quite 4K

Video resolution is always on the rise. The days of 640×480 video have given way to 720, 1080, and even 4K resolutions. There’s no end in sight. 186 more words

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Little mailbag, January 23rd

A small package arrived from far far awar with some new playthings for me.

  • A small 128×32 pixel OLED display, I2C interface.
  • 433MHz transmitter and receiver (two separate modules)
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Robo-Flute Whistles MIDI

We aren’t sure this technically qualifies as music synthesis, but what else do you call a computer playing music? In this case, the computer is a Teensy, and the music comes from a common classroom instrument:  219 more words

Arduino Hacks

Project: Weather Station

I have always wanted to build a weather station.  I know I can buy one all ready to go… but that has never appealed to me as much as building my own. 250 more words


Building an Arduino led cyclotron engine with shift register chips

by Floris Wouterlood
Leiden, the Netherlands
January 22, 2017   Summary

Series of leds that light up in patterns are very attractive to the eye. Here we discuss the construction of a ‘cyclotron’: a circularly arranged series of 24 leds controlled via three shift register chips. 2,986 more words

ESP8266: DS3231 1Hz Square wave generator

The objective of this post is to explain how to use the square wave pin of the DS3231 to trigger interrupts with a period of 1 second in the ESP8266. 1,371 more words