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Reading Temperature From PT100 Using Arduino

I posted another Instructable, this time about reading temperature from PT100 using an instrumentation and differential amplifier. There’s abundance of LM35 temperature measurement on the site so decided to post about the PT100, might come in handy for the students doing Instrumentation on my college in the future. 110 more words



_Rocking Aeolian Bell_


  • arduino uno
  • bread board
  • small sound sensor
  • 4 LED lights
  • resistors
  • aeolian bell glass


Arduino Uno & Bread board Hiding Box Making: 76 more words



2nd Arduino assignment

I control the light bulb by using pressure sensor.


Minecraft Sword Lights Up When Nearby Friends

With All Hallow’s Eve looming close, makers have the potential to create some amazing costumes we’ll remember for the rest of the year. If you’re a fan of the hugely addict-*cough* popular game Minecraft, perhaps you’ve considered cosplaying as your favorite character skin, but lacked the appropriate props. 143 more words

Arduino Hacks

Arduino - First Experience

All across the web I see these Arduino projects, Arduino here and Arduino there, so I wanted to try it myself. Exactly then, Coursera offered me to try a course called “The Arduino platform and C programming”, by University of  California, Irving, taught by prof. 493 more words


Arduino (IoT): Simple Tutorial RFID & NFC

Tutorial RFID & NFC

En este tutorial aprenderemos sobre el uso de NFC para leer tags RFID.


  1. Computadora (mac)
  2. Arduino MEGA (u otra variante Arduino).  
  3. 439 more words