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Há muito tempo que o Aramices não era actualizado, e este post serve esse propósito. Muito se passou entretanto, por isso vamos publicando em retrospectiva. 657 more words


Dew Point Arduino

what is really dew point ? 

In simple terms, the dew point (dew point temperature or dewpoint) is the temperature at which a given concentration of water vapor in air will form Dew. 506 more words


Animatronic Compsognathus

Finally got a video of the animatronic dinosaur on to YouTube. I hope you enjoy!

Maak een Spel!

De eerste dojo’s van Code Brabant zijn deze week! Deze woensdag zijn er twee dojo’s op de universiteit van Tilburg: eentje s’middags van 2 tot 5, en eentje s’avonds van 7 tot 10. 136 more words


Forming Atmosphere

Landscape architects organize physical materials such as landforms and planted forms to determine the variety of enclosures, thus to design spaces with different characteristics. As a result, we think and evaluate a design by its physical outcomes. 392 more words


Arduino for grown-ups - 10: Done!

Here it is! I’m very pleased with the result. It’s hard to tell on a video because the candles are brighter than the dark painting so they over-expose the camera, but I think I’ve done a good job on simulating a flame. 153 more words

FlexiPower: the interview

Following the enthusiasm of my previous post, I wish to share an interview a good friend of mine gave to me the latest days of August for his own blog. 1,509 more words