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Part 3. Actually having some good ideas.

Up until this point, I had planned on having no run-time communication with my rover. I’d write code, hope for the best, and then try to observe what the rover did and then write more code and repeat the process. 583 more words


Embed with Elliot: Audio Playback with Direct Digital Synthesis

Direct-digital synthesis (DDS) is a sample-playback technique that is useful for adding a little bit of audio to your projects without additional hardware. Want your robot to say ouch when it bumps into a wall? 3,152 more words


Maximo is an Arduino-driven, 5-axis robotic arm

This affordable, easy-to-assemble arm will let you learn a thing or two about robotics.

Whether you’re a novice Maker or a well-seasoned engineer, Maximo is a new five-axis robotic arm perfect for your desktop. 314 more words


Arduino (IoT): Simple Tutorial Reconocimiento de Voz (Geeetech)

Tutorial Reconocimiento de Voz – Geetech

Otro módulo de reconocimiento de voz por Geeetech.com


  1. Computadora (mac)
  2. Arduino MEGA (u otra variante Arduino) o incluso Arduino clone, Edison, Raspberry…  Este tutorial en particular usa una Arduino MEGA.
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An Arduino MPPT solar charger shield

This Maker decided to build his own MPPT (maximum point of power tracking) charge controller.

Lukas was asked by a friend for help on a solar project. 215 more words


Arduino Iambic Keyer 2016 - Part 1: Hardware

Now Third Generation:

In a Chicago winter it’s way too cold in the garage for woodworking, so I turn to coding to pass the time. In 2014 I built an ATTINY85 Morse Code keyer in an Altoids Small box and in 2015 I expanded that with an… 2,234 more words


Technological Possibilities

If possible for the electronics in my project I would like to use Arduino simply for the fact that it is familiar to me and I am fluent and comfortable coding in the language. 421 more words