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The ESR electronics Tricorder, Part 1

In this article I describe the beginnings of a device that I like to think of as a Tricorder for electronics. 2,285 more words


A Programming Language for a Portable Development System

Prototyping with Arduino and compatibles is fairly easy, especially when it comes to the hardware. A breadboard simplifies things quite a bit. A few months ago, I realized that I did not have any, so I purchased one, in a kit, on Amazon from a company called Elagoo. 418 more words

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Laser Tag Robot v0.1 - Full Version


Build a remote controlled robot able to emmit and detect IR within a 50cm range to promote a geeky laser-tag competition.

The Solution:

$25 worth of parts on e-bay and 2-3 months to learn, build and code everything :). 11 more words


Green Umbrella

Green Umbrella
There are approximately 200,000 female domestic workers from other countries in Hong Kong. Most of them are employed as helpers with a residence provided by the employer, creating a situation whereby the working and living space are merged into one single space for six days a week. 210 more words

Arduino Controlled Micro Distillery

Booze, they say, is one of the major factors that shaped human history. And creating new and faster ways of making booze has always been a big engineering problem, so this project by is rather interesting. 220 more words


The S4 Flight Board

The flight board, which is considered the backbone of the entire S4 payload, is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The flight board provides the foundation that keeps all the components firmly in place. 683 more words