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This wearable fluid status sensor could lead to new vital sign

A new wearable sensor from the University of Michigan will provide more accurate and continuous fluid status data streams.

A team of University of Michigan researchers… 838 more words


Wiiduino - Coming to Design Philadelphia

I just like saying the name… Wiiduino!

My last post showed a video of my experiment modifying and controlling a 3D CAD model using nothing but Wii Nunchuck controllers plugged into an Arduino. 251 more words

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The talking robot part I

A communication robot

Robots have always fascinated me. I have always wondered how to create one myself. Finally, over the summer I decided to start planning out a communication robot through the Arduino mega microcontroller and the easy vr voice recognition shield. 326 more words


MQ3 Gas Detector for Ethanol

The MQ3 is one of a series of gas detectors and is sensitive to alcohol (ethanol). The same sketch used for the MQ2 can be used and for a discussion on theses gas sensors see my post… 168 more words


Bluetooth-Controlled LED using Attiny85

This project is about controlling LED via Bluetooth using Attiny85 as microcontroller and program it using Arduino IDE. The Android application used in this project is developed using MIT App Inventor 2… 312 more words


Arduino Blog Featuring Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol!

Zoe Romano from the Arduino Blog featured The L.E.A.P. Engine on their official blog! We’re thrilled people are so receptive to this project, however, that’s just the start, and there’s much more of The L.E.A.P. 12 more words


This 3D-printed wearable is part wristwatch, part breathalyzer

Maker designs a wearable device that lets you know the time and if you’ve had too much to drink.

While it may need some refining before you ever wear it for a night out on the town, this recent wristwatch from mechanical engineer David Ng is pretty cool nevertheless.  174 more words

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