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IoT WiFi DIY motion detector with e-mail notification using PIR sensor and ESP8266

In this project I am using the ESP8266 WiFi module and PIR sensor motion detector to get e-mail alerts if someone enters the room while I am away. 629 more words



Hi Guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks, I decided to do it today because I’ve had some spare time.  I have left some pictures below of upcoming project tools that I was going to use, in order to use them we must first learn about them. 207 more words

Controlling Guitar Amps With Servos

plays electric guitar, and with that hobby comes an incredible amount of knob twisting and dial turning. This comes at a cost; he can’t change the settings on his small amp without taking his hands off the guitar. 181 more words

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Arduino Display for Liquid Flow Sensors


This project was done for a Friend Of a Friend. He needs to monitor water flow rate and quantity for his solar heating projects. He is mainly interested in… 1,445 more words


Maker Faire Rome 16-18 Oct 2015

In less than two weeks the Maker Faire will come to Rome. It’s a 3-day gathering of makers, hackers, companies and hobbyists with the passion for electronics, programming, manufacturing, artistry, learning and creating. 73 more words


This artist turns celebrity tweets into psychedelic art

With the help of Arduino and LEDs, this Maker combines analog and digital tech to convert tweets into vibrant light shows. 

Today, it seems like just about every celebrity has a Twitter account. 299 more words

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Vibration Sensor KY-002 with Arduino

This little sensor worked far better than I had expected. It consists of a coil of wire inside a metal tube, vibration causes the two to touch and complete the circuit. 245 more words