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Android Marshmallow Easter Egg Game on a LED Matrix


First, let’s address the elephant in the room. You must be wondering why I used a LED matrix for the game display at a time where OLEDs and TFTs are the go-to displays for projects.(Even a Nokia 5110!-the game itself is retro enough, adding a  425 more words


Arduino (IoT): Simple Tutorial Medición de Corriente UNO vs NANO

Tutorial Medición de Corriente UNO vs Nano

En un tutorial anterior vimos como medir la corriente de un MCU, en ese caso una Tosduino UNO.  El consumo era de 46.5mA mientras esta activa.   89 more words


That Light Project...

Remember that Camera Light project I did back when? (And the actual prototyping, and the concept?)

Yeah, I barely do, either.  It was a while back.   364 more words


1 X 4 KeyPad Matrix & LCD Display Control Console

This is the control console for the DAV5 V3.01 Raman spectrometer, I designed it on FreeCad v0.16. I will be having this 3d printed by Sculpteo using POM material (powdered nylon type material,) color for about $107.00US, as always, all my 3d parts are manufactured by Sculpteo and I have over 236 designs uploaded to their website at my personal shop. 152 more words

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LF Crystal Tester: Bring the Noise!

The OLED display refresh contributes 100 Hz noise pulses to the low-level sine wave from the crystal test fixture:

Disabling the display by activating its powersave option reveals 60 Hz pulses from the USB port on the Arduino Nano: 225 more words

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KY6R Ham Radio Command and Control "Platform"

The support in the Maker world is just fantastic, with a spirit and camaraderie (that at least) rivals the ham radio community. The sharing and sense of wonder is very refreshing to me. 386 more words


Interfacing a Retro Controller using the USBASP

An ISP dongle is a very common piece of equipment on a maker’s bench. However, its potential as a hackable device is generally overlooked. The USBASP has an ATmeg8L at its heart and decided that this humble USB device could be used as an… 156 more words

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