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Top Recruiter: Reality Bites

Well, my friends – I suppose it was inevitable. After all, for years we’ve been hearing recruiters use stupid superlatives and specious self-descriptors like “rock star,” “ninja” or (gag) “guru.” And oddly enough, not ironically, either.  2,578 more words


We're only a week and a half in?!

These first two weeks of January have been insane at school.  I think herding cats would be easier than getting eighth graders back into a routine.   173 more words

Middle School

Bailed on me

So my date just bailed on me even though I asked him almost a month ago to go to a dance with me because he got a girlfriend. 330 more words






What an excellent choice to put a nicotine patch ad on a web page about unanswered questions tied to Sholto…

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How To Pack A Car (Alone) With 2 Children In 27 Easy Steps

1- A week before your trip, make multiple lists for every possible item you may need.

2- Spend every spare moment you have in that preceding week packing the bags and making new lists. 961 more words