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It’s important to know that hijab is banned in schools in most of the european countries, such as france, belgium, switzerland etc. Millions of girls have to take their hijab off everyday in order to have access to education, and I am one of them.

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We Are Family 

A strange strew of occurrences has happened to me recently. In between all my moaning and groaning I have managed to actually think about a few things. 435 more words

Life Is Funny

"Politically Correct"

In this time and age, living in a society of diverse cultures can be a wonderful experience, which promotes tolerance and learning. And really, with all of the information available basically at your fingertips, who would not want to make the best of the opportunity? 840 more words

Closing the Skills Gap: How Immigration Reform Impacts HR and Recruiting

In my most recent Recruiting Daily post, Border Wars: Tech Recruiting and Immigration Reform, I took a look at the persistent H1B visa cap problem plaguing employers, particularly within the technology sector, and noted that the draconian immigration restrictions blocking highly educated, highly skilled foreign talent has effectively exacerbated the already endemic shortage of STEM candidates while effectively eroding American employers’ economic competitiveness on a global scale. 2,946 more words


Border Wars: Tech Recruiting and Immigration Reform

I’ve spent the equivalent of the last four full presidential terms stuck in the tech recruiting trenches. For the manifold changes manifesting themselves in the talent acquisition and technology sectors in the decade and a half since Gore v Bush (back when technology was so archaic, it couldn’t even properly tabulate election results), one constant, consistent fact hasn’t changed. 5,190 more words


What it is...

I am who I am. And I live how I live. I just woke up not even having a clue where I was… I slept hard! 461 more words

Life Is Funny