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What? Are You Serious?

This isn’t a full length blog post, this is quite frankly a rant. I know that everyone has struggles that they go through but racism is a stupid one. 117 more words

My Thoughts

Seriously you two?

i give up, if they can’t make it work I will never be able to

My Pet Store Requires No Muzzles

This past Saturday, we took our “mad cows” doggies to our local pet store. To save face and embarrassment, I will not disclose the name of our pet store. 499 more words


Dear Angry Bald Guy at Sonic

Shut up! Get your hot dog, and move on with your life. It is not that serious and your hot dog is offended that you are taking it that serious! 274 more words

Life Is Funny


a tendency to believe something to be more important than it really is… That is what I have. Over emphasis on my “relationship” with certain people. 35 more words

Life Is Funny

Are you for Real?

I must have the worst Karma in the history of all man kind.

Wait…do Christians even believe in Karma?…Maybe its bad luck….I’m sure we don’t believe in luck…hmm what should I call it?….Ok I guess I will have to ponder that one later. 1,946 more words

Are You Kidding Me