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What if There was a Cure for Anxiety & Depression?

Anxiety/Depression~ Understanding these disorders is difficult for the person who hasn’t experienced either of them. Anxiety is worry in disguise. Depression is living in hopelessness even though you know the truth. 523 more words

Are You Serious

Spinning Wheels

One icy day, my son’s friend stopped by to ask him if he wanted to go spin some wheels on the ice in a local parking lot. 65 more words

Are You Serious

I'll be a Little Late This Morning

My morning text with my girl boss.

Me: Morning Jennifer. I would say good but it hasn’t been for me. I hope it has for you. 396 more words

Are You Serious

Call 911

One day my husband was sick with a fever and came home early from work and went to bed. I went to Wal-Mart to get him some medicine and decided to grab a 24 pack of water. 519 more words

Are You Serious

Steel my Heart, by Dirty Hans

Steel my Heart, by Dirty Hans –  limited edition print of only 60, signed by the artist himself.

*Black or white stepped frame, double mounted with UV glass. 35 more words

Caffe Gallerie

Friday, March 16th, 2018 -- What, the next chapter of fixing things is almost done???

The first half of it anyway. But yes! The first half of the next chapter is almost done! Literally just need to fill in the gap of one scene, rewrite another, figure out the tags, and it’ll be ready to hang from a cliff! 124 more words

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T- Please Leave

I haven’t worked a lot over break, so on the off chance I do, I’m glad theres always something to keep it interesting. But last week this customer came in, and our interaction is something that I cannot shake. 366 more words

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