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Strange Fruit in 2015

Black Man Found Hanging From A Tree in Mississippi in 2015!!!

the FBI is currently investigating the body of a badly decomposed black man found hanging from a tree in Mississippi, who is believed to be 54 year old, missing person, Otis Byrd, who never returned after a casino trip, and has been missing since March 2nd. 153 more words


How to Use Image Search to Identify Fake LinkedIn Profiles

With the rise of phony LinkedIn pictures and profiles, the ability to determine what’s real from what’s stock photo is more important than ever. It’s essential to take just a minute or two to scan the profile of someone who has requested to be in your network. 556 more words


Friend or Faux: Why It’s Time for LinkedIn To Get Real

For weeks (actually, no, make that months), I’ve sat back and watched a pretty interesting phenomenon unfold. It’s nothing new, of course, but it’s a hell of a lot more prevalent – it seems like the conflagration of fake LinkedIn accounts has turned from a rivulet into a river. 3,417 more words


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Top Recruiter: Reality Bites

Well, my friends – I suppose it was inevitable. After all, for years we’ve been hearing recruiters use stupid superlatives and specious self-descriptors like “rock star,” “ninja” or (gag) “guru.” And oddly enough, not ironically, either.  2,578 more words


We're only a week and a half in?!

These first two weeks of January have been insane at school.  I think herding cats would be easier than getting eighth graders back into a routine.   173 more words

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