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Seven Reasons Why My Pets Are Robots

This is a list of reasons why my pets are robots.

  1. My dog, named The Pablo-62, runs to me when I get home. This is obviously a sign that he is a robot and is just doing what he is programmed to do.
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What are you full of?

From the fullness of the heart speaks the mouth, and a tree is known by its fruit. If we have the Spirit of Jesus Christ in us then we will bear good fruit. 252 more words

Dealing with Negative chicks

Dealing with depressed/negative emo chicks is the real title lol.

Now in your game career you’re gonna run into chicks that are just negative about everything in life but fire as fuck and they’re pretty long to deal with. 996 more words

Dark Triad

Mini Militia

The all knowledge about this game is available here because I’m playing this game from 2012.

Game :: Mini Militia (Doodle Army 2) is the only one multiplayer game which connects friends of society,school,Canteen,collage,club,tuition and other sectors. 284 more words

Shows That End Should Stay Dead: Why I Hate Revivals

Okay, I HATE television show revivals. In theory, they’re a fun idea for fans of whatever show is attempting to make a comeback in its revival, but they ultimately flunk. 436 more words

TV Show

Rihanna shared a lip paint tutorial and asked us not to laugh at her "skillz"

Rihanna has become the latest mastermind to win over the beauty space after debuting her latest business, Fenty Beauty. A company invented to create formulas that work for all skin types, including the hard-to-match skin tones. 193 more words


On dealing with men when traveling as a young woman:

(note: the times on the messages are wrong since I screenshotted this from a different timezone. The messages were sent from around 9:15 to 11 pm) 658 more words