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It’s titled 0.1 because I am going to do multiple blog posts today, containing a variety of things, so, without further ado.

I was talking to a lovely lady yesterday about quotes that I find useful and that have a positive effect, thinking about it, there are some that I connect with, most things I struggle to connect with in a sense of usefulness. 377 more words


Are you SERIOUS?

Are we serious about Jesus Christ? Do we really believe in Him and do we really want to know Him?
If we really believe in Jesus and if we really want to know Him for real we will seek Him and we will find him. 248 more words

You Are...

Rude, inconsiderate, unkind and uncouth.

Completely amoral, unhinged and unrelenting.

There is nothing redeeming or charming about your personality which makes me wonder why I cared so much about you to begin with. 95 more words

Mrs Enginerd


Lets escape, you and me, together,

Close your eyes and pick a place,

Any place far from here.

 Lets save our fingers from turning blue, 121 more words


Who Are You?

We get asked this question on the daily. Maybe it won’t be in the same context, but all is implied, all is there. Social media, dating websites, even blogs like the one I have right here,¬†need you to tell everyone who you are, friends and strangers alike. 315 more words

right as you are

thought of the meaning

and caught on the rise

and seek for the normal

and its own

and when it was the worry

and said for this moment… 44 more words