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Why Yakuza 0 Is Magical

Yakuza 0 is an early contender for best game of 2017. Why is this the case? Read on to find out! 540 more words


Why are Flamingos Pink?

Flamingos are one of the most iconic creatures in the animal kingdom, easily identified by their bright pink plumage. However when Flamingos were first brought to zoos from the wild, the keepers were dismayed to find they lost their bright pink colour and turned a grey/white shade. 258 more words


What are legitimate emotional needs?

Gain a greater understanding of a person’s legitimate emotional needs


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#WTFasho People Are Getting Freckle Tattoos!!!

Want freckles but don’t want all that sun exposure? Great news … you can now get them tattooed on you.

Of course, cosmetic tattooing has been around for a while, but getting freckles is something new – and it’s growing in popularity. 30 more words

Fasho Celebrity News

#ThursdayThoughts FC Barcelona - Wherever you are, show your passion for Barça on Instagram w...

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Who are you?

‘Who are you?’ While quite formulaic in today’s culture and typically resulting in a formulaic response, this question, taken to its logical conclusion, points to a much deeper and foundational idea: that of identity. 769 more words