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Day Trip to Åre, Sweden from Trondheim, Norway

Last Easter weekend I had some family over and I was stumped for ways to entertain them. We wanted to do something other than the city center and museums. 174 more words


We Are by Devin Pavlischak/ November 22nd, 2015 ©

We all have a choice in life, this old sentiment of light and nature.

We belong to our choices, as they belong to others.

There are those we have, then there are those we wish for. 24 more words

Devin Pavlischak

Here's What Sinners Are Buying On The Internet This Week

Congratulations, folks you’ve made it through yet another treacherous workweek and are hopefully enjoying a relaxing weekend by the pool, cold drink in hand. Of course, it wouldn’t really be the weekend without our delightfully naughty Sinners list. 1,270 more words


14 People Added "Almost" To Movie Titles And It'll Mess With Everything You Thought You Knew

What if your favorite movie had an additional word in front of the title? Would the film sound completely different? Your perspective on movies is about to change thanks to these… 290 more words


23 Rants Millennials Are Guilty Of Saying Out Loud

Oh the joys of an eye roll. A first world problem usually leads to the rest of society face palming. Prepare for some funny annoyances… 19 more words


In the beginning....

I think I am finally mentally ready…I think I am finally able to stare the ARE in the face once more and tackle it as I have tried in the past.   616 more words

21 Awkward Family Funeral Moments That Are Hilariously Mortifying

Although funerals can be quite a beautiful tribute to someone’s life, we’d be lying if we didn’t think they’re a bit uncomfortable. And being in unnatural situations usually leads people to mistakenly do weird things. 49 more words