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Getting to Yes

This appeared in the Jerusalem Post July 11th 2017

Many in the pundit world are scoffing at Jared Kushner’s brief trip to the region to meet with President Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu. 676 more words


Bedouin Communities by Farah, Palestine - photo essay -

These pictures were taken in three Bedouin communities in Area C of the West Bank, which are under threat of displacement: Khan Al-Ahmer, Abu Nawar and Susiya. 119 more words


Trump och judiska nybyggen.

TT ljög av slentrian nk – se läänk. Ett klart uttalande av Trump redan på länk. Trump har under lång tid uttryckt sin sympati för judiska nybyggen i area C, som Arafat tydligt och klart sa var  helt kontrollerat av Israel ,detaljer på … 59 more words

How To Rebalance The Shifting Settlement Debate

Over the last couple of years, a disturbing and worrisome shift has taken place in Israeli political discourse. For decades, the prevailing debate within Israel over the West Bank was about maintaining the status quo versus withdrawing in some form. 1,241 more words


The Demolished Fruit Stand, Witnessed by B'Tselem

Last week I spend the day with Abdulkarim Sadi, who works with B’Tselem,  an Israeli human rights organization, that seeks to change Israeli policy in the Occupied Territories and ensure that the Israeli government protects the human rights of residents there and complies with its obligations under international law. 759 more words

Truth And Reconciliation

Israel strider med sig själv på ett mycket elakartat sätt.

Försvarets juridiska imperium på Västbanken är konstant emot Israels judar. Arafat var mer pro-zionistisk när han accepterade Israels kontroll av area C samtidigt som han fick kontroll över 95% av Västbanksaraberna. 190 more words

The Legalization Bill Is Not Just About Settlements

The Regulation Bill, which aims to legalize thousands of homes in the West Bank built on private Palestinian land and that passed a preliminary reading… 1,306 more words