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Opining On Outposts

In 2011, the Israeli High Court ruled that Migron, an outpost in the West Bank built without government approval on private Palestinian land, had to be dismantled. 1,264 more words


Psalm 83 & The 1948 Arab-Israeli War 

World War is currently upon humanity. In America, there is a general feeling of peacetime apart from this war. Life goes on relatively undisturbed, but that feeling lies. 880 more words


Feeling demolition in your fingers

It is one thing to look at pictures of demolished homes. It is another to feel the rubble with your fingers. It is one thing to see a photograph of the wreckage of a building left by a bulldozer and another to pull the twisted wreck apart with your hands. 958 more words


Final status negotiations on Area C passé for BBC's Kevin Connolly

On June 17th an article appeared in the ‘Features’ section of the BBC News website’s Middle East page under the title “Dead Sea drying: A new low-point for Earth… 812 more words


Illegalt bistånd.

Dagen hade en artikel om illegalt bistånd länk som var informativ nog förutom att de helt hade råkat glömma ordet illegal.

Bistånd i allmänhet är förstås bra men när det innebär illegala byggnader i Israel är det en helt annorlunda sak. 443 more words

Trust and Partners

Since IPF released its Two-State Security project last week, we have gotten an enormous response, most of it positive but some of it critical. Nearly everyone appreciates the effort that has gone into the plans developed by our partners, the Commanders for Israel’s Security and the Center for a New American Security, but the most common concerns that keep arising are about the Palestinians. 1,180 more words