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Più siamo e meno paghiamo. In viaggio ma non solo!

Oggi la parola magica non è più abracadabra ma “condivisione” (o “sharing” per i più digitali e comunque anglofoni). È l’incanto è fatto: si spende meno e si fa tanto di più. 676 more words


Harassment in the Hebron Hills

by South Hebron Hills Team.

Area C, the part of the West Bank under full Israeli military and civilian control since the Oslo Accords of 1993, is dotted with Bedouin villages. 633 more words


Video: 'The Struggle to Save Susiya'

This video looks back on the summer months and gives a brief insight into ‘the struggle to save Susiya‘. It features interviews with Nasser Nawaja, a local peace activist and resident of Susiya. 394 more words

Southern West Bank

Susya - grovt försök av araberna att stjäla land i den israeliskkontrollerade Area C av Judéen/Samariern.

Som du vet delades i Osloavtalet Judeen/Samarien i tre delar, A (arabisk statsbebyggelse), B (arabiska mindre tätorter) och C, helt kontrollerat av Israel. Se länk… 1,148 more words

Without Palestinian Susiya, what would be Peace?

I cannot imagine what any sort of peace in Israel-Palestine would look like if the planned demolition of the Palestinian village of Susiya by Israeli occupation forces and the displacement of its residents to outside of Area C of the West Bank goes ahead. 770 more words


Area C: Blackboard Essays

Four of my best Essays:

1.Chapter ten was all about multicultural counseling and the ways a counselor can become culturally aware.

The chapter talks about the different kinds of diversity like Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual orientation, Religion/spirituality, Age/ Generational Status, Dis/Ability status, language, socioeconomic status and other diverse categories. 2,225 more words

Area C

BBC WS's 'Business Matters' misrepresents the status of Area C in report on PA economy

Twenty years ago the internationally recognised representatives of the Palestinian people signed an agreement according to which land west of the River Jordan that was originally part of the territory designated by the League of Nations for the Jewish National Home but which had been conquered and occupied by Jordan between 1948 and 1967, would be divided into three zones. 1,176 more words