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Syrian refugees should return to calmer areas: Lebanon president

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon can no longer handle vast numbers of Syrian refugees, its president said on Monday, urging world powers to help them return to the calmer parts of their war-torn homeland.

Iraq says vast areas taken from Kurds in Kirkuk, Kurds deny gains

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi government forces took control of “vast areas” in the region of Kirkuk, including oilfields west of the city, in the early hours of Monday, Iraqi state TV said, but the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) disputed the assertions.

Iraqi forces take control of 'vast areas' in Kirkuk region: state TV

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi forces took control of “vast areas” in the oil-rich region of Kirkuk without opposition from Kurdish Peshmerga, state TV said on Monday.

Windfall, but got to move again

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Investor Careene Tan, 58, found her ideal home in a spacious three-bedroom apartment in Normanton Park after a year-long hunt.

But barely two months after moving in with her two dogs and splashing out $30,000 on renovations, Madam Tan received news of a startling windfall last Thursday. 330 more words

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Factories, cars behind haze in Singapore

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Hazy conditions in parts of Singapore this week might have prompted fears that fires were once again burning in the region, but experts point to culprits closer to home: factories and cars. 379 more words

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The Great Recession Drastically Changed the Skills Employers Want

(Source: hbr.org)

The employment shift from occupations in the middle of the skill distribution toward those at the high and low ends is one of the most important trends in the U.S. 1,194 more words

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19,000 tickets issued last year for smoking at prohibited areas: NEA

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SINGAPORE: About 19,000 tickets were issued last year to offenders caught smoking at prohibited areas, and of this number, more than 2,600 were for smoking in food establishments, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Amy Khor said on Tuesday (Oct 3). 207 more words

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