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So we all know about the Linea Nigra right? Well actually, if your like me it’s likely you didn’t but surprisingly I knew about this little dividing line before I got pregnant. 174 more words


Dermatography with permanent make-up! Repigmentation of the areola or scar tissue camouflage after breast reduction, breast enlargement, other breast surgery or aesthetic repigmentation of the existing areolae.

Permanent make-up techniques for dermatography!

What is it and why

Scars or other imperfections can undermine self-confidence. Using dermatography with permanent make-up techniques, colour differences are completely or partially resolved until, after several treatments, a satisfactory result is achieved. 241 more words


Alopecia areata! Permanent make-up solution with hair simulation – micro hair pigmentation of the scalp and reconstruction of the eyebrows

Alopecia areata!
By Fernando Nascimento, Master Permanent Make-up Artist 

Medical permanent make-up techniques in cases of Alopecia Areata or for bald spots or the loss of the eyebrows due to other causes… 532 more words



Good morning beauties!

So about a week ago I was given the awesome privilege to be part of a hunt hosted by Areola and it was pretty cool. 85 more words

Valentine’s Day is coming up and this February the heart has a special significance for me. I’ve been pushing this off for a long time but I think I’m ready for that next step in my journey. 357 more words

Pink Warrior

Breast Areola Mammae and Nipple Surgical Reduction | Breast Implant Advice

Areola mammae and nipple surgical reduction is an eclectic plastic surgical procedure, which helps in reducing the nipple’s size and the areola’s diameter.

Why Your Nipples Get Hard During a Workout (And What to Do About Them)

Working out has many benefits, but there’s one side effect that’s hardly ever talked about: hard nipples. Not everyone will experience this themselves, but real talk: nips clearly poking out during exercise can be embarrassing, and not to mention, distracting for others if they notice (and trust me, …

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