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Truth on Areola

So we all know about the Linea Nigra right? Well actually, if your like me it’s likely you didn’t but surprisingly I knew about this little dividing line before I got pregnant. 174 more words


Dermatography with permanent make-up! Repigmentation of the areola or scar tissue camouflage after breast reduction, breast enlargement, other breast surgery or aesthetic repigmentation of the existing areolae.

Permanent make-up techniques for dermatography!

What is it and why

Scars or other imperfections can undermine self-confidence. Using dermatography with permanent make-up techniques, colour differences are completely or partially resolved until, after several treatments, a satisfactory result is achieved. 241 more words


Alopecia areata! Permanent make-up solution with hair simulation – micro hair pigmentation of the scalp and reconstruction of the eyebrows

Alopecia areata!
By Fernando Nascimento, Master Permanent Make-up Artist 

Medical permanent make-up techniques in cases of Alopecia Areata or for bald spots or the loss of the eyebrows due to other causes… 532 more words