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Ancient Agora of Athens

Exploring the Ancient Agora was a highlight of my visit to Athens. Everyone interacts with spaces differently; for me, I could feel the history here, and I tried to transport myself to a time when the site was a daily marketplace. 156 more words

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Climbing Areopagus

While visiting the Ancient Agora in Athens, I noticed an outcrop high on the hill to the south. I didn’t know what it was, but based on the number of people who were standing on it, it was clearly a popular destination. 139 more words

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Sermon - He Commands All People Everywhere To Repent (Acts 17:16-34)

Sermon ‘He Commands All People Everywhere To Repent’ (Acts 17:16-34) by David Smith is now available to stream or download: http://bit.ly/1spCuyY

Full Text of Sermon – Acts 17:16-34

Acts 17: 16-34 English Support Handout


St. Paul's Areopagus Confidence

Let’s pause and admire the serene confidence with which St. Paul stood and spoke in the Athenian Areopagus.


Fearless, first of all, because he knew that his speech appealed to something that dwells in the heart of every human being:  the desire for God. 243 more words


Consistent Message with Tailored Delivery Strategy


Communication Strategy for the Gospel

This bible study examines Paul’s communication strategy for the gospel. He tailored the message delivery for each audience while keeping the message consistent. 1,087 more words

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Getting high (up) in Athens

The day I went to the Acropolis, it looked like it might rain, with clouds sent by the gods, but it took a turn for beautiful. 1,505 more words


The Foolishness of Faith (Sermon)

The following is a message I shared with a Men’s Sunday School Class at Believer’s Bible Chapel in Dallas, TX on January 24, 2016.

Title: The Foolishness of Faith
Passage: Acts 17:16-34