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Posting to Remind Myself I Should Post More

I haven’t forgot I have an outlet for every random thought, opinion, story, song, poem, or idea that passes through my mind.  I’ve just been busy neglecting all of it.   483 more words

The votes are in! Stellar's special goodbye stage (Update #43)

Fans were asked previously to select their favourite version of each member, either Sephiroth or Qliphoth, and the final votes are in!

Here is the teaser from MCountdown for the special performance, which will also be their goodbye stage. 28 more words


Annotated Bibliography #14 B

Continuing on with Playing the Text, Performing the Future: Future Narratives in Print and Digiture. 1,767 more words

Annotated Bibliography

Fake Code (Update #20)

The Korean Twinkles have discovered a new video!


hi, i’m korean twinkle.
we found it : http://www.stellarintotheworld.com/vpdlzm


My explanation: If you look at the title of the page we found by scanning the QR Code, it says “Real Code” in Korean.

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