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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (and a surprise twist ending)

First the good.

I get to the studio and I find out they’ve done another switcheroo on me.  My second lesson with the Body Double was now with Z meaning that I had one lesson with the Body Double and then a double lesson with Z.  1,085 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Love Triangle vs. Dogs Fighting Over Bone

Mr. R is growing on me. I feel a bit guilty because I’m starting to bond with him more than Teach #1. Yikes! Mr. R is more open with positive feedback. 724 more words

Fresh Blooms and Fresh News: Guelph Here We Come!

Spring brings fresh blooms.   The tulips, peonies and lilacs are wonderful, aren’t they?

We also have news to share with you — fresh, hot off the press news! 196 more words

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Like a Duck?

This is nearly a week late because life happened before editing was finished.

The new secretary at Studio #1 didn’t know that Mr. R isn’t my primary, so I got a surprise this past week. 579 more words

Back in the Saddle Again

I’m back from my vacation in sunny San Diego.  (Too be fair, it wasn’t sunny all the time but they really needed the rain so I can’t be too upset that our last morning there was a little wet)  It was good to get away and recharge a bit.  679 more words

Ballroom Dancing

I Return 

My first lesson back didn’t go quite as planned, but ended up being just what I needed. I received a call from the studio after I was already in the Big City (2 hour train ride each direction). 732 more words

Where do we go from here

Had my coaching lesson with the other half of the judge panel.  After basically telling me (nicely) that I wasn’t really doing what a silver level dancer should be, we settled on timing as something to work on.  646 more words

Ballroom Dancing