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The Argentine Tango performance of Derek Hough & Ekaterina Fedosova at "Whose Dance is it Anyway" & more pictures

This is amazing! I don’t think it’s the whole performance but..I still love it!! Derek and Ekaterina are amazing dancing toghether! Thanks so much HappyHough for the heads up! 295 more words

Derek Hough

El Perro Milonguero: February Round-Up

El Perro Milonguero has his own page at https://elperromilonguero.wordpress.com/

But in case you haven’t been keeping up with his latest adventures, here’s a quick round-up

Argentine Tango

Jeronimo and Donatta in Derby - April

I thought I’d write a short blog about what’s happening in Derby in April because we have some exciting events happening this year.

We are very lucky to have Jeronimo and Donatta visiting us again and they are going to join us at the Derby Pratica on 2 April to run a workshop.   152 more words

Argentine Tango

Derek Hough - Argentine Tango rehearsals, House hunting & Throwback photos to childhood - February 9, 2017

That was a busy day for Derek…as always :)

First, we see him rehearsing an Argentine Tango performance. Not sure what this is for but, the only upcoming event that he could possibly perform is the… 73 more words

Derek Hough

When Things Don't Add Up

New Leader: “It’s my first time at this milonga! I’d love to dance with all of those amazing followers!”

Amazing Followers: “NONE of us will dance with you until we see you on the dance floor…| 16 more words

Art Forms

This series of sketches is dedicated to my favorite art forms:

Art form – Architecture 23 more words