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FYI, English speakers love abbreviations AKA acronyms. NTTAWWT but I remember the first time someone said “I need lessons ASAP” and I didn´t understand if they were looking for material, advice or fees. 185 more words

Language And BA Culture

Vegetarian Flavors from Uruguay, Argentina & originally from Italy: Easter Spinach Pie, "Torta Pascualina"

A delicate pastry enfolds a mixture of eggs and spinach for a delicious hors d’oeuvre in Uruguay. “Pascua” means “Easter”

Torta pascualina is a traditional Easter dish of Italian origin. 960 more words


Mondial 2018 : le Brésil y est presque, Messi sauve encore l’Argentine

Au terme de la 13e journée des éliminatoires du Mondial 2018, le Brésil a creusé un écart conséquent sur l’Uruguay. Ayant humilié son dauphin à Montevideo, la Seleção a pris 7 points d’avance en tête. 295 more words


One Random Single a Day #77: "Miguel e Isabel" (1966) by Luis Aguilé

Now here’s someone I would have undoubtedly been swooning over had I been a teen or young adult in the mid-60s. Luis Aguilé was an Argentine singer and songwriter, with the bulk of his recording career taking place throughout the 60s and 70s. 609 more words

Estancia Montelén: a Neo Gothic church and a ruined school in the forest

Do you want to find a Neo-Gothic chapel half destroyed in the middle of an overgrown forest, hidden in a dark recess of the wet pampas? 490 more words