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Questions about Bergoglio’s role in five abuse cases in #Argentina : During the ' Dirty War ' ?? #Catholic & #Jesuit #Paedophile enabler.


Questions about Bergoglio’s role in five abuse cases

The factors that have produced disclosure by bishops and religious superiors in other countries – civil action by victims, investigations of the church by prosecutors, and governmental inquiries – have occurred little or not at all in the Federal Capital of Buenos Aires, which is the territory of the archdiocese. 326 more words


South America Summary

A rather amazing trip, from Cuba in the far north, down to Ecuador and on to Peru, where I ate guinea pig, alpaca and llama, missing out on Machu Pichu but taking a 22 hour bus ride from Lima up to Cusco in the heart of the Andes. 970 more words


Martín Zimmerman

Name: Martín Zimmerman

Hometown: Rockville, MD (outside of Washington, DC)

Current Town: Chicago, IL (though I spend a decent amount of time LA working in TV) 877 more words

POEMS FROM ARGENTINA: "To a cat" "A un gato"


Mirrors are not more silent

nor the creeping dawn more secretive;

in the moonlight, you are that panther

we catch sight of from afar. 172 more words

Inspirational Poems

La Recoleta Cemetery: The City Of The Dead, Buenos Aires — Roaming the roads

First, let us just state that we would not normally write about a cemetery, but after strolling around the tombs and mausoleums of La Recoleta Cemetery we decided that we just had to.

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POEMS FROM ARGENTINA: "Poetic art" Jorge Luis Borges "Arte Poetica"


To look at the river made of time and water

And remember that time is another river,

To know that we are lost like the river… 438 more words

Inspirational Poems

POEMS FROM ARGENTINA: "Chess" by Jorge Luis Gorges "Ajedrez"


Set in their studious comers, the players

Move the gradual pieces. Until dawn

The chessboard keeps them in its strict confinement

With its two colors set at daggers drawn. 372 more words

Inspirational Poems