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One Random Single a Day #77: "Miguel e Isabel" (1966) by Luis Aguilé

Now here’s someone I would have undoubtedly been swooning over had I been a teen or young adult in the mid-60s. Luis Aguilé was an Argentine singer and songwriter, with the bulk of his recording career taking place throughout the 60s and 70s. 609 more words

Estancia Montelén: a Neo Gothic church and a ruined school in the forest

Do you want to find a Neo-Gothic chapel half destroyed in the middle of an overgrown forest, hidden in a dark recess of the wet pampas? 436 more words


Lit rec #111: "The universe (which others call the Library)..." (1941).

Takes an impossible image or concept and then makes it profound and whimsical. “THE LIBRARY OF BABEL” by Jorge Luis Borges

One Random Single a Day #65: "Pobre madrecita" (1924) by Carlos Gardel

Here is another case where, in my inability to find an image of either the cover sleeve or the record face for the single of the day, I’ll have to introduce the review with a photograph of today’s artist (He’s pretty easy on the eyes, though!). 554 more words

Cuba and Beyond - Part 5


Panting for breath in the high altitude of La Paz in Bolivia, which seemed to verge on the chaotic with strikes, blockades, enormous protests and heavily armed troops and police everywhere, I made a break for it and descended a few thousand metres to Salta in northern Argentine which was pleasant and warm, even when I arrived at night after a fairly lengthy bus, train, and three more buses, the last of which was stopped by a military style roadblock just outside Jujuy. 1,944 more words


Nepal 70: Sol

It was even colder in the teahouse when I woke up from my nap. I would have stayed in my sleeping bag, except I needed to use the bathroom.  845 more words