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Sibling time again. Last month, my brother was visiting from Saudia after one year and whenever we meet we three pick a movie we all think we will like and enjoy. 508 more words



IDMB: 7.7                  Score: 8.0

Mình xem bộ phim này đơn giản vì nó đạt giải Oscar cho bộ phim xuất sắc nhất năm 2012. Mình xem bộ phim vào một buổi sáng chủ nhật, trời mưa đường ngập như cái ao, lặn lội ra cửa hàng tiện lợi B’s Mart Thảo Điền ngồi xem tới trưa. 548 more words

Du Lịch

Little Green Giant

Today was such an awesome day! My sissy Cathy and her husband Paul filled a need for transportation for us. They had acquired an older Argo and brought it to us to use for as long as we need it. 373 more words

Fic Crossover – Wrong {Waynedez}

Title : Wrong
Pairing : Bruce Wayne / Tony Mendez
Rating : PG-15
A/N: เป็นฟิคที่ไม่ได้เกี่ยวข้องกับบุคคลจริง เป็นเรื่องสมมติขึ้นทั้งหมด ไม่ได้อ้างอิงจากความจริงใดๆ เป็นบทความรักร่วมเพศและผิดศีลธรรม 84 more words

Bruce Wayne

In a digital world, real stories stand out

The digital world we inhabit lacks human contact. We are always connected, through a screen. Consequently, it is easier for people to lose authenticity and rapidly become copies of what society categorizes as trendy. 604 more words

Argo Follow Up 'Utopian Land' with 'Pame'

Greece’s 2016 Eurovision representatives failed to impress at Eurovision, giving Greece their worst ever result. Nonetheless, Argo (formerly Europond) are back with a follow up song to their Eurovision entry ‘Utopian Land’. 72 more words


Jason and the Argonauts

Alright, so I like to take pride in the fact that I never let a ship pass through without harm. Well once, (just once) because the ship was in Hera’s favor and it was led the right way by a sea God to not be in reach of either me or Charybdis, The Argo got away unscathed. 77 more words