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4/23/17- Meet Up Experience

So this week for my “Free and Under Five” experience I decided to check out a writing group. The group seemed pretty neat online, found them on meetup.com and they seemed like a very laid back crowd, meeting at a coffee shop in Midtown Manhattan to write together. 289 more words

How Broadway's 'Oslo' Makes a Thriller Out of Diplomacy

When “Oslo” opened Off Broadway in the middle of July, it sounded like the opposite of summer popcorn fare. The latest play by J.T. Rogers was a meaty evening, a thinking theatergoer’s chronicle of the back-channel diplomacy that resulted in the Oslo Accords of 1993. 891 more words


Milson Luce

Known mainly for his Argo 5260 recording “Don’t Break Your Promise To Me”, which was released in 1956, New Orleans singer Milson Luce is understood to have been born in 1934 and have died in Lafayette, Louisiana in May 2012 at age 78, but no photographs of this artist have been traced. 7 more words


Drama Queens...

While I love a good comedy as much as the next person, sometimes drama movies can have just as much of an effect.  Edge of your seat, make you think movies, while you might have to be in the mood for them, are so important to the movie-lover’s collection.   444 more words


Oscar Isaac Will Play A Nazi Hunter In 'Operation Finale'

Anytime killing or hunting Natzi’s (Brad Pitt voice) is brought up in a plot synopsis, you have to at least hold a fair amount of hope and excitement, adding Oscar Isaac to the mix never hurts a film either. 260 more words


The ship-buoy bias correction excuse (HadSST3 and ERSSTv4)

In 2011, the Hadley Centre of the UK Met Office replaced their global sea surface temperature series, HadSST2, with a new one, HadSST3, an upgrade allegedly necessitated by, among other things, the particular ‘discovery’ that the recorded temperature evolution of the global ocean surface had, since about 1979, for one particular reason followed a path that trended artificially low. 3,396 more words

Observations & Musings


Yazilmis butun siirler gibi.

Kelimelerin ardina saklanmis argo.

Arkasinda bir vazgecme hikayesinin yattigi siirler.

Argo siirler gibisiniz.

Satirlara dokulmeyen, ayip kabul edilmis kaliplar.

Ya da mubalaga edilmis hisler. 92 more words