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29th of Last Seed, Second Entry

Sakhliit is back, and what story she has, also. She has found ruby eyes, in town, says she. Ruby eyes was being like hard headed peko a-gain, and angrer for her not stayeing at rim of sky with this one. 179 more words

25th of Last Seed

Is late. Perhaps is next day, all-ready. Qau-dar knows not, for sure. Town is dark and silent. Makes this one feel odd, always, yes? In Elsweyr, is never as silent, as emp-ty, in night. 275 more words

ESO - The Hatching Pools, Shadowfen

The Argonians have such a rich creation story, and when that is tied so inextricably to the growth of the species, you know you’ve got something special – it ceases to be a myth. 7 more words


1st of Sun’s Height

Well, things have certainly progressed with Qau-dar!

On the bright side, he decided to speak with me! Such a joyous thing, were it not for the bad news. 287 more words