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Khajiit and other cat people

No Arena play this week. I did think a little about The Elder Scrolls, though. My favorite races in the games are the Khajiit, the Argonians, the Dunmer, and the Orcs. 555 more words

Video Games

Argonian Ladies Formal Wear

I hope you’re all loving the Dwarven Crown Crates as much as I am! This is the gorgeous Marshland Formal Bugshell Robes undyed with the Blossom Burst Bonnet. 75 more words


Face Slider- Deathwing (Argonian Male)

I’m not sure about you, but creating Argonians for me was quite daunting at first. However after creating this site and challenging myself I’m in love with our reptillian friends<3 This character is loosely based off Deathwing from WOW, a giant, fire breathing dragon. 16 more words


The Laughing Lizard

Some of the newer Crown Store Tattoos also dye the Argonian’s tail, which I thought was an excellent idea. I’m quite happy that Argonians aren’t being left out when it comes to cosmetic items. 70 more words

Battle Ready

The Swampland Lurker

I’m really beginning to love Argonians, it’s quite fun being creative with all their different patterns and head spikes. The Eight Fang Nose Chain is an item from the Wild Hunt Crown Crate, you can just see the little line going from the spikes to the nose, but it’s mostly camouflaged by the reptile skin. 40 more words


The Storm Lord - Guest

Zenraij is an Argonian fishing buddy of mine who was nice enough to lead the way while trying to get through those grindy achievements in the beautiful island of Auridon. 132 more words

Battle Ready

The Lizard Lord

Created this charming Lizard man while eagerly awaiting the new Wild Hunt Crown Crates.  The Lizard-Rhinoceros Horn hairstyle is quite elegantly covered in gold with a red jewel in the center, much like the Wedding Suit. 17 more words