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TV wires are the worst...

Time to vent about one of my biggest pet-peeves…TV and speaker wires! Call me crazy. I can’t stand to look at wires. If there are wires hanging down the walls it literally consumes my mind and I can’t focus on anything else. 118 more words


Une étrangère

Being a certain type of foreigner is an idyllic thing. When I think of my own brand of foreign, I think along the lines of the infamous Sting song, … 257 more words

Fashion and Home Decor Unite

In addition to interior design, I have a weakness for fashion.  And the two aren’t mutually exclusive.  As a matter of fact, home decor often takes it’s inspiration from the fashion runways. 222 more words


Window Shopping: Part 3

Are you ready? This is the last part in our Window Shopping series. These last images were taken at a variety of different stores.

First up, … 175 more words


Another Arhaus Loft

In Addition to their Cleveland store, (See I Love a Good Deal), Arhaus Loft is spreading the love around and has recently opened another clearance store in Hilliard, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. 65 more words


How to Bring Comfortable Living and Style to the Outdoors

Making the inside of your home beautiful is natural, but there is much to be gained from an outdoor space. Beautifully designed and decorated outdoor areas not only give you more “living” space, but allow you to fully enjoy your home al fresco with a bonus: you don’t have to sacrifice style or coziness from the indoors. 372 more words