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Squash Planting

Today, on the hottest day yet of the year, we spent the morning planting a variety of squash and pumpkins. These we plant off site on a near by picturesque hill top. 44 more words


\ by Zack Seckler

Aerial Abstracts

\ by Zack Seckler

The artist who took these amazing aerial photographs is Zack Seckler. He is Boston-born, full of humours and award champion…

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Photography: A Soaring Sunset

There are occasional benefits to being dragged around the country by your United States Coast Guard pilot father for your entire childhood. This particularly stunning flight was absolutely one of them. 30 more words


Solar desert

Somewhere between Vegas and Los Angeles there is this big solar energy generating plant.
I could not find it on Google Earth.
I know it ain’t aliens in Area 51.

Photo Of The Week

Photo Challenge: From Every Angle, Above and Below on the Chesapeake Bay

For the past few years, I’ve been flying over the Chesapeake Bay. This was a route that I frequently drove, so I have photographs of many of these places along the route.  137 more words


@DailyOverview offers amazing images of Earth from above

Daily Overview is an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing incredible satellite images of Earth. They update their page every day with one new satellite image from space. 1,168 more words