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Fourth Branch Spread: Approaching Dilemmas and Analyzing Situations

I’ve been working long and hard on a series of posts exploring the women of the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi: Goewin, Arianrhod, and Blodeuwedd. Me being me, together They inspired a Tarot spread! 376 more words


Tuskar - Arianrhod ep

Cos I couldn’t go see ’em tonight… fuck holidays…

I have listened to it 15 times now, roughly.  Guesstimate based on 12 plays on my iTunes, and the fact I’ve been listening to it the iPod as well.  334 more words

Seeing the Wheels

I recently felt a deep, overwhelming need to change up my altar. Specifically, I needed a statue to represent my Lady, Arianrhod.

Thing is, I couldn’t find anything that fit Her. 1,571 more words



There is a Circle
That ever turns
Bright and sharp
A shining silver wheel.

Light glitters along the path
Death, the new door to life… 53 more words


My Polytheism

My polytheism is Arianrhod, stars seen through pine trees on a winter night, sunlight shimmering on the surface of water, reflected upon overhanging branches. Grey-blue storm clouds blown over grassy plains towards dark hills, the scent of chamomile after lightning, the drowning of kingdoms and the ecstasy in shadow. 716 more words

Gods And Mortals

Marys of the Sea

O Marìa, bela Marìa pijèrmi mi…

I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I’m not here.

Everything’s gone sepia, the music from the speakers no longer digital but analogue. 1,357 more words



Arianrhod weave for me a dream, upon your silver wheel where threads intertwine with the hearts of all folk. Where lives are born from the ether of beyond. 256 more words

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