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Where They May Be Found: Arianrhod

(this was originally published on A Sense of Place last year.
For some reason, it’s been hardcore in my head the last few days. I’ve been feeling a ‘summons,’ I guess.
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Gods And Mortals

Beltane 2015

At last! Beltane!

Another wet one this year, but that’s ok.  How can we enjoy the green of Spring and Summer if the plant realm isn’t watered?  520 more words


Arianrhod and Gwydion: the contest

The fourth branch of the Mabinogion is shaped by exchanges between Arianrhod and Gwydion. From the moment he brings her into the story by suggesting her as Math’s footholder (which seems such an innoncent idea: let’s get my sister, your niece, to do it!) the two are at odds. 1,653 more words


Arianrhod, mermen, and sunken islands

“It was said that she lived a wanton life, mating with mermen on the beach near her castle and casting her magic inside its walls.”

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Arianrhod: Silver Wheel

In an earlier post I talked about the goddess Matrona, or Mother. This time I want to look at a goddess who is totally unmaternal, Arianrhod. 1,416 more words


The Dance of Sea and Symbol

I’ve said this before: I’m kinda slow on some stuff. A god can make something repeatedly obvious and yet I miss the message; like Eliot’s “had the experience/but missed the meaning,” the point of something will slip past me until much later. 806 more words

Gods And Mortals

Sunrise Greeting & Further Understanding

There was no one else there. For a little while, I had it all to myself. Having risen at 3 to make the hour long journey to the Northern Beaches, we found where my husband would be stationed for the Sun Run: directly opposite the rock pool of South Curl Curl, where the morning tides ferociously slammed against the rocks, the pool, the shore. 959 more words

For The Gods