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Painting Meditation (part two)

It’s been over a month since I posted ‘Painting Meditation’, when I first showed this painting-in-progress and said I would post again with the finished picture.  603 more words


Our Spring Equinox Celebration!

Here at the Blue House*, the Spring Equinox is an occasion to honor Arianhrod, and in keeping with my desire to come up with hearth traditions, we made a meal for the occasion, with a Welsh dish called Anglesey Eggs as the centerpiece. 493 more words


Capricorn Kaput? Re-dreaming authority

“When the Grandmothers from the four directions come to speak, a new time is coming.”

It is amazing to my ears to hear discussions of patriarchy being aired in mainstream culture: for so many years these were confined to ‘radical feminism’! 1,207 more words

Celtic Series Overview


The Celtic Series is the newest Pantheon to be added into the Rare Egg Machine. This means they will be rotated throughout the REM but will be Highlighted upon their initial debut until the next Godfest. 1,001 more words

Mantastic PAD

Yule 2017-Return of the King

Yule was celebrated Sunday, December 31, 2017. The last day to end the year and welcome 2018. The society met to honor the return of the Oak King and say goodbye to the Holly King till Midsummer. 24 more words

Shadows of Our Ancestors

The limbs that move, the eyes that see,

These are not entirely me;

Dead men and women helped to shape,

The mold that I do not escape; 3,302 more words

Smith-gods: Goibniu, Gofannon and Cobannos

Humans have been working with metal for a long time: from the Copper Age (approx. 3500 – 1700 BCE) when the soft, malleable metal was the first to be smelted and used. 2,125 more words