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Ariel Sharon in Nazi uniform on the cover of a collection of cartoons

Via XYZ Contagion blog

Ariel Sharon dressed like a Nazi with a swastika on his arm stating “Fascism is not only the logic of killing, but primarily killing logic” 88 more words



Somehow Tony Blair doesn’t think that killing/murdering 150,000 Iraqis (his estimate) qualifies as prejudice that led to discrimination, that led to enslavement, that led to torture, that led to slaughter. 308 more words


Kadima: not yet another centrist casualty

openDemocracy, 11 Apr 2012

In Israel’s fractious politics, parties poised as ‘centrist’ have repeatedly proven themselves long on well-meaning rhetoric but short on survivability. Kadima, formed in 2005 as Ariel Sharon’s brainchild, broke this mould by becoming the first and only centrist party to win a parliamentary majority in 2006 and lead a governing coalition. 1,657 more words

Kevjn Lim

What We Could Learn from Israel

For most Indians, it is hard not to feel a deep sense of historic gratitude towards Israel and the Jewish people. The State of Israel came to our military aid in just about every war India fought as an independent nation since 1947. 285 more words


Your rights or mine?

It’s the conflict that consumes our TV screens, features in countless university lectures and apparently qualifies almost everyone as a Middle-East conversational expert. But in all honesty, how much do we actually know about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and what is truly going on? 740 more words

Marco Rubio Is Not An Honest Broker

In the last Republican debate, Marco Rubio blasted Donald Trump for not taking the side of Israel over the Palestinians in what could be a future negotiation between those two parties, that Donald Trump, if president, would reside over. 567 more words