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What We Could Learn from Israel

For most Indians, it is hard not to feel a deep sense of historic gratitude towards Israel and the Jewish people. The State of Israel came to our military aid in just about every war India fought as an independent nation since 1947. 285 more words


Marco Rubio Is Not An Honest Broker

In the last Republican debate, Marco Rubio blasted Donald Trump for not taking the side of Israel over the Palestinians in what could be a future negotiation between those two parties, that Donald Trump, if president, would reside over. 567 more words


Ariel Sharon's MH-370 Connection

Ariel Sharon, the 11th Prime Minister of Israel, died on 1/11/14 – that’s 56 or 57 days before MH-370 vanished into seemingly thin air. Star of David =56. 462 more words


Caution and More Caution: A Third Intifadah?

Muhammad Hudhud, JHU:

Many of current youth of Israel and Palestine are much too young to remember the second Intifada, let alone the first. For almost ten years within the context of the Palestine-Israel Conflict, the term ‘Third Intifadah’ has been thrown around. 614 more words

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Olmert, Sharon, and Barak built more in settlements than I did, Netanyahu says

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told delegates at the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem on Tuesday that his administrations have built less settler homes beyond the Green Line than his three predecessors – Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, and Ehud Barak. 768 more words

Daily News

Is Israel facing a third intifada?

A day before Palestinian law student Mohannad Halabi fatally stabbed two Jewish men heading to pray at Jerusalem’s Western Wall this month, he hinted at his desire to be part of a historical moment. 892 more words


Alan Nairn Foresees The End of the Guatemalan Criminal/Genocidal Oligarchy In Ways Which Implicate Reagan and Israel

Alan Nairn is a stunningly sharp, award-winning, professional journalist who has reported on, inter alia, the genocidal killing of Ixil autochthonous inhabitants of Guatemala by the repressive oligarchic dictatorship of Rios Montt, who – incredibly – was… 524 more words

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