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Russian President Vladimir Putin discusses Middle East tensions and reveals private conversations he had with former prime minister Ariel Sharon in the four-part documentary, “The Putin Interviews,” aired by Showtime this week. 195 more words

Daily News

To Show America 'Has Israel's Back,' Trump and Netanyahu Should Restore Bush-Sharon Understandings on Settlement Polic

US President Donald Trump and the Israeli government should reaffirm the understandings on settlement policy reached by former President George W. Bush and the late Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2004, a senior American Jewish official urged on Friday. 85 more words


Trump's Time Machine Settlements Policy

A few weeks into the Trump presidency, the nascent stirrings of an Israel policy appear to be developing. Where President Trump will land on two states, Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the embassy move, or the American government’s relations with the Palestinian Authority are still more unclear than not, and will remain murky until his February 15 meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, if not for longer. 1,019 more words


Lebanon: In the Early Zionist Imagination, 1900-1948

My Enemy’s Enemy: Lebanon in the Early Zionist Imagination, 1900-1948

Laura Zittrain Eisenberg

Reviewed by William B. Quandt

When General Ariel Sharon‘s troops slammed into Lebanon in the summer of 1982, their purpose was not only to drive out the PLO, but also to bring to power a friendly Maronite government led by… 177 more words


People of Israel, You're Welcome.

Sometimes, when one has received a helping hand …. or as we used to say in Chicago, “a solid“, it can be difficult to truly explain the emotions that one feels. 484 more words

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How Israeli hawks and doves alike see Palestinians as a problem

Israeli newspaper Haaretz this week published minutes of a secret meeting between then-Israeli premier Menachem Begin and Shimon Peres, who was head of the opposition at the time. 822 more words


Me and Shimon

Lots of people posted pictures of meeting Shimon Peres z’’l after he passed away last Wednesday.  I met him too, but unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it. 837 more words

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