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Israel's Likud Sees Itself as The Anti-ISIS Party of Israel

The Islamic State has captured land totaling more than 20 times the size of Israel using a strategy of scaring people into surrender with public decapitations. 354 more words


People who have experienced profound epiphanies while flying over Israel in a helicopter:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie:

I took a helicopter ride from the occupied territories [

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Barack Obama

Generals and Prime Ministers in Israel

In his seminal book about the history of Israel’s armed forces, Tsahal, military historian Pierre Razoux writes:

“Even though its influence tends to diminish, the army still occupies a central role in Israeli society. 501 more words


The Fake Palestinian Video that Cost Over a Thousand Israeli Lives

by Richard Baehr
April 30, 2015

Two days after Ariel Sharon walked onto the Temple Mount on September 28, 2000, an alleged shooting of a young boy and his father at the Netzarim Junction in Gaza launched the deadly second Intifada. 130 more words

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Elliott Abrams’ Shell Game on Settlements

The shell game is a tried-and-true method of persuading people to give their money to the person running the game. In political terms, it’s also a reliable method of persuading people to buy into the political stance of the man running the game. 74 more words


"A Reminder About Netanyahu, Iraq, And Iran": George W. Bush Listened To Netanyahu And The Neocons. The Rest Is History

Just a few weeks ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looked like a figure with huge influence in American politics. There he was addressing Congress, with Republicans practically carrying him into the House chamber on their shoulders. 761 more words


Obama's Hypocritical Attack on Netanyahu

This is from Town Hall.

Hey Berry here is what God has to say about screwing over Israel.

Look at what happened to Ariel Sharon after he decided to give up the Gaza Strip he stroked out and died… 852 more words