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Also known as Ariel, the Little Mermaid’s styling tool of choice.  Dang, that girl manages to look so great given all the DIY fashion she’s got going on (shells, dinglehoppers, fetching burlap sacks.)  Prince Eric is such a dummy, though – Ariel really shouldn’t waste her hotness on him.  60 more words

Nail Art

The Ultimate Little Mermaid Birthday Party

We just returned from a trip to Disney World.

While we were there, we met my—I mean my daughters—favorite Disney Princess-Ariel! She was INCREDIBLE… 466 more words

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Made To Move Ariel - the story of a doll come true

Like many doll lovers, I am a fan of My Froggy Stuff. Her crafts are so clever and cute! But for me, one the greatest Froggy inspirations was not strictly a craft, but a custom doll – her Made To Move Ariel. 1,094 more words


Participating in "The Disney Swap"

I follow a lot of Disney peeps on instagram. I don’t recall who, but someone posted that they were participating in “The Disney Swap”. The swap was closed at the time and they had just received their package. 559 more words

Carbonval - p2 b

‘Why have you.. why haven’t you stopped?’ Eirich asked. ‘Why do you continue knowing it will consume you to the end.’
‘It is too late for me already boy,’ Ariel replied, his voice somber, his eyes staring the horizon beyond the hills. 361 more words


14 - 15

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In the end, it was unbelievably simple.

They proceeded down the sloping bridge toward the ledge, the door, and the demon, keeping to a walking pace despite Schwartz’s original idea of rushing their foe’s entrenched position. 4,820 more words