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Just one minute for a cigarrette

I know im not so much online anymore, but is because RL take me a little bit stress, indeed today they operate my juice dent so i have pain and im tired, also all the stress for finnish the things for the events, and my little free time XD, now i think i will be better with all, and i will try to again give my best. 186 more words

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Laying on the garden

Finnaly on weekend i could take the couple pose new from Dreamcatcher! I´m so happy cuz i wanted very much to do these shoot but well sometimes with the lag and my computer that is getting old now, is difficult to conect many avies so i have to wait for my friends can help :D… 84 more words

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Nothing is better than a moning bath

Well few days out now i will try to do my best! I have the offer of the week from ArisAris and the new Applier from Go&See for those who loves SUMMER like me! 75 more words

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I can do art.

So I went to an art gallery and took pics of…myself.  What? Stop!  I did, cause I can do art. Anywho, I loved the setting and got all fancy standing on a bench.   149 more words


I have to back home

I being very busy these days moving my land, and preapering a photoland set, also i will change my store and i have to move everything so i being so out of order, that i made tons of pics but i didn`t publish them XD! 69 more words

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i´m so happy you back home!

Yesterday i had a great day near my best-partner friend, that sometimes i not even have time to talk for just 5 min because the different hour time and our jobs not give us enough space, but well was like he backed home for a while out and i just needed to take some pics and i use that cute-sweet moment for that! 137 more words

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Aris Aris - Ambrosia

A beautiful short dress with special details, this new release from ArisAris. You can wear this dress with or without the part in the neck. this dress comes with a colorhud with different colors/textures. 7 more words