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Valuable to know

One of the philosophy faculty members at my college perennially assigns an end-of-term paper in which the freshman student must defend whether (or not) a philosophical principle, view, or argument “is valuable to know.” He has a list of possibilities, such as “Is Descartes’ concept of the body-mind problem valuable to know?” and “Is Aquinas’ proof of God’s existence valuable to know?” 416 more words


Criticizing Aristotle on "substance"

Here’s a simplified criticism of the Aristotelian theory of substance. For Aristotle, a substance has three components: matter, form, and accidents, each playing a different explanatory role. 748 more words

Number Five

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”



A bit late in honoring David Bowie, but the title seemed appropriate this morning. Today I was catching up on an article by Bob Caporale in the AMA Playbook titled  391 more words

59: On being comfortable with the unknown

If you’re anything like me, you hate not knowing things. You want answers. Explanations. If there’s something you don’t understand, Internet search engines are there to help. 390 more words


Aristotle says in his Categories “Substance, in the truest and primary and most definite sense of the word, is that which is neither predicable of a subject nor present in a subject.” Earlier in the text, he explains these characteristics: 881 more words