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The Renaissance of the 12th century, Medieval Universities, & St. Thomas Aquinas

The renaissance of the 12th century was an important time in which there was a rekindling of interest in classical writings, in particular classical philosophical and scientific works. 546 more words

Western Civ 1

Finding Joy in What We Do

How often have you been given an assignment in school or at work, something you would – had it not now become an assignment from someone else – otherwise enjoy doing? 843 more words


New Friend

I found this fuzzy little guy on the trail that follows the rim of the Rio Grande River Gorge near Taos, New Mexico.  It was early morning, the sun had just popped up above the peaks of the Sangre De Cristo mountains. 105 more words


How do I become a good person? Aristotle part 1

Aristotle on Becoming Good: Habituation, Reflection, and Perception

There are many strands to Aristotle’s arguments on how we become good. To simplify it slightly, I have arranged some of the main premises of his arguments below: 606 more words


Aristotle and Alexander: Western Heritage Lecture 13

If you’re looking for Lecture 12, my sincere apologies–I had a messup with the recorder.  So, sadly, it only recorded about 3 seconds of the lecture.   33 more words

Against "the political"

Everyone knows that according to Aristotle, there is a sphere called “the political.” It is dependent upon but fully distinct from the economic, which is the realm of necessity and slavery. 415 more words


What is Structural Criticism?

Cinderella, Grimm’s Fairy Tales (1857)

Tom Thumb, Grimm’s Fairy Tales (1857)

Hansel and Gretel, Grimm’s Fairy Tales (1857)