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About 81 million Americans still believe the Sun revolves around the Earth!

Today, Feb 19, 2018, is President’s Day in the United States, a federal holiday. 566 more words

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How to action goals for achieving success

Do you feel like you can never accomplish your goals?

Are you being held back from practical achievements? Are you struggling with finishing what you start? 356 more words

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Politics, what ethics is about

Angie: Will read Leviathan selections, Social contract, Social liberty, Economic and philosophical manuscripts, Original position and principles of justice, Libertarian critique to Rawls(by Norzick)

Sue: Customs; what there is.  459 more words

Epiphany 2017

On Artificial Philosophy

The perils and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence are discussed and disputed endlessly, enough to qualify as an outright industry. Artificial philosophy, not so much. I thought it worthwhile to consider why. 1,623 more words


The Fallibility of Human Logic

Ever since a tiny number of ancient Greeks discovered and developed something called logic, there are many people who, greatly impressed by this discovery, have employed it in all situations and times, much like a person who becomes enamoured of an item of clothing and wears it all the time, including when one is asleep, or a cook who becomes obsessed with a certain ingredient and puts it in everything one makes. 1,052 more words


Virtue and Happiness

In my previous blog post, I discussed one of the most widely asked philosophical questions of the modern thinker; how does one acquire happiness? I briefly skimmed the surface of this question and proceeded to provide an Aristotelian response. 666 more words




I watch Netflix series that don’t make sense on the surface for me to watch. But when I look, there is no book, no fiction, that would teach me that principle. 140 more words