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A Confession

I find myself these days between the proverbial rock and a hard place. I begin to feel the pressures the average German must have felt in the teens of the last century as Hitler began his rise to power. 704 more words

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Aristotle and Improvisation

It is absurd to suppose that purpose is not present because we do not observe the agent deliberating. Art does not deliberate.

– Aristotle, Physics II.8, The Complete Works of Aristotle Vol. 75 more words

The Heart Collector: Love as Akrasia in Augustine & Plato

It is a curious set of phenomena that goes into humanity’s mental and spiritual lives. At the heart of the human experience there seems to lie a precarious conflict between the manifold forces of the soul, from the rational to the very irrational. 5,861 more words


"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."---Aristotle

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A Frank Discussion (in ancient Greece)

A:  I’m the man.  I’ve been hired by your rulers, to convince all of you why you should be ruled.  They give me room and board, good food, and all the boys I want.  1,056 more words

Catharsis, the Medicine of the Mind

If I were forced to choose a favorite kind of literature- my “desert island” genre, if you will- I’m fairly sure it would be the Tragedy. 949 more words

True Friendship

I once wrote an eight page essay titled “Koality Friends” with two koalas holding hands drawn on the cover sheet.

I also made an alternative title page, which was placed above this one with a true title and contact information and no hand drawn picture of marsupials of any kind. 724 more words