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Day Ninety-Five

 “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, there is not an act, but habit.” – Aristotle


Living vs. Living well

Do cities still exist in the West? That is a question one must ask after reading Aristotle’s Politics (3.9). For him, a true city is not formed when people share a location, prevent injustice, and facility commerce. 689 more words

Where Do the Virtues Come From?

Some ten years ago, a Catholic virtue ethicist group blog linked to something on my father’s blog, Vulgar Morality. So long ago was this in Internet years that I cannot even find the virtue ethicist blog in question, and my father had not moved to WordPress yet, but was using… 1,201 more words


Kindness without Repayment

Kindness is a difficult subject for the human race. We understand kindness as “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate,” but that isn’t completely it. 147 more words


Deep Time

Earlier I quoted this passage from Aristotle:

The same parts of the earth are not always moist or dry, but they change according as rivers come into existence and dry up.

7,219 more words

Through the Good Times and Bad

The question Aristotle proceeds to ask next is one of the very few that he actually answers with “both.” This question is, does a person need friends more in the good times or the bad? 117 more words


Shame and Shamelessness

From what Aristotle describes shamelessness as, I can tell that it is in direct relation to acts of injustice and evil. He depicts shamelessness as acts such as taking from the poor, acting disgracefully with no humility, and blatantly wronging people, among many others. 96 more words