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Vasque St. Elias GTX Update

“Let’s wander where the wifi is weak.”


“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.”


Yesterday I went for a pretty flat and easy hike to start breaking in my new boots. 220 more words

'Like, yet unlike.'

‘Like, yet unlike,’ is Merry’s comment in The Lord of the Rings when he first sees Gandalf and Saruman together: Gandalf, returned from the dead, has assumed the white robes formerly worn by Saruman, who has succumbed to despair and been corrupted by evil and is about to be deposed. 2,112 more words


Civic Duty

I was recently selected for Jury Duty, which lead to some free time for reading.  I chose to pick up Allan Bloom’s “The Closing of the American Mind” 333 more words


Could a Naturally-Evolved Creature do Metaphysics as a Rigorous Science?

Q: What does the evolutionary origin of the mind entail for metaphysics? Does this mean it is hopeless? (Let us leave aside the challenge of how we could know the truth of evolution without metaphysics.) Assuming evolutionary origins of our cognitive structures, does this leave us a basis for metaphyics and fundamental ontology? 663 more words

Personhood Redeemed

This is my final installment in my three-week series on personhood. First, I wrote Part One: Personhood—Relational Being. Last week, I wrote Part Two: Personhood—Fallen Individuals… 930 more words


Fate Holds The Key

A long, long time ago, I can still remember how that soap opera used to make me puke…Nick Berry of television pointlessness said that every loser wins. 190 more words