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if there can be nothing
between spaces,
why are there so many 
intermediate phases
in this makeshift

you may have been the best thing to ever happen, 62 more words


No Place Like Home: Aristotle and Topos

For Aristotle, place or topos is not the abstract, absolute points expressed by a Cartesian grid extendingout into infinity.

Rather place is that which holds and contains; it has a sense of rightness and belonging which every being innately knows. 388 more words


From Beer to Socrates

We began dinner with a reference to our fourth grader’s birthday party. His friend made quite an impression by rapidly gulping down a bottle of water and burping. 100 more words

The End of the Trail

One of the proudest days of my life came in January, 2006, when I was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. I had been a part of the Boy Scouts of America since 1998, becoming a Webelos that Fall and working my way through their ranks, in order to cross over into the Boy Scouts proper two years later. 1,479 more words

Statutes of Self—Limitations, Dependencies and Directions

The notions of self-concept vary and adapt for each individual in relation to their experiences, perceptions, attributes and values. Some argue that a sense of self changes based on shifts in their dependencies on others towards self-reliance and hence movement towards self-directed human being (Maslow, 1987; Rogers, 1969; Emerson, 1841). 987 more words


A Cedar Rule of Friendship

Friendship has become like plastic wrap: stretchable over everything, yet easily poked and ripped. The word has become thin in meaning; in a Facebook context, a “friend” may be someone we’ve never met, have met but may never get to know, or have known for years. 850 more words