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Old versus New Virtue – an Hegelian Remark on Virtue Ethics and the Unity of Virtues

This text is a very short version of a paper that I had the pleasure and honor to present at a conference celebrating the 60th Anniversary of G.E.M. 1,742 more words

Virtue, Happiness, & The Meaning Of Life

How solitude and loneliness can go hand in hand

So what are the benefits of solitude? I ask myself as I sit alone in the busy Wetherspoons pub in Wood Green. I am often alone watching other people, thinking about what it would be like to live someone else’s life. 545 more words


The Divine

Plato: There is the Divine Good (or the One), which is the greatest of the Forms. There is also the Demiurge which fashioned the imperfect material universe. 87 more words


Living the Golden Mean

The semester is in full swing, and like usual, I’m struggling to be a functional human being. Some days, everything feels balanced. Others, I feel like I’m going to fall apart. 405 more words



Plato: Properties like white and red are universals that exist beyond material objects but they do participate in them.

Aristotle: Properties like white and red are universals that exist only in material objects. 57 more words


On Shakespeare and how we might take charge of our own fate

In his famous study on the form of Tragic plays, entitled Poetics, Aristotle wrote that: “Tragedy is not a representation of human beings but of action and life.” This, to us, may be seen as a contentious statement. 3,679 more words

Why I never answer Facebook "Did you know" questions

Marketing Ethics

If a person politely greets you in the street most probably you would return the greeting. The common word that is used almost everywhere in the world is “Hello!” or “Hi!” or just a smile. 957 more words

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