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Monday Mottos

Let’s get deep! As much as I love being alone with learning a skill or a craft or reading up on a subject and gaining knowledge, being connected to others and keeping my heart happy and warm with love is so important too. 29 more words


one swallow does not make a summer


photograph: Wikimedia Commons/Thermos





a single fortunate event doesn’t mean that what follows will also be good




The annual migration of swallows to Europe from southern climes at the end of winter was the subject of a proverb in Ancient Greece: … 961 more words


Athenaeus, Deipnosophists 1.61

Aristotle said that people who are drunk on wine fall on their face, those who drank beer turn their eyes over on their head. For wine, on the one hand, gives a headache, but beer makes you stupid. 72 more words

Greek Beer

READING some articles regarding Aristotle’s notion of Social Justice awhile ago for the paper that I was writing but now am fangirl-ing and reading tweets about Maine and Alden. 361 more words


On whether A is not non-A

This post has its origin in a neat comment I received on my last post [^]; see the exchange starting here: [^ 2,908 more words

The Principle of Final Causality

Final cause is vital to discussions of causation. This post is on the different distinctions made about final causality from an Aristotelian-Scholastic’s point of view. 627 more words