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Coming REAL Soon: Grade 1 Math... 2.0

Just when you think you’ve got your marching orders locked in and ready to execute — POOF! — they change once again.

That’s okay.  I did not sign up for static predictability when I took on the colossal academic task of converting the entire contents of the hallowed… 392 more words

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Grade 4 Math: Update!

There I was, merrily rolling along through Ray’s Primary Arithmetic lessons when, suddenly,. . . without warning, . . . The Call came.

Actually, it was an e-mail. 419 more words

Ray's Arithmetic

Are Workbooks Necessary for Ray's Arithmetics?

A visitor to this site wrote to me asking for help with her daughter who is struggling with math. She is in 4th grade.  She is using 3rd grade workbooks designed for use with the Ray’s Arithmetics.   909 more words

Ray's Arithmetic

Ray's New Algebra on the Horizon

We are barely half-way into the lessons of Ray’s Primary Arithmetic and already I have been approached to do Ray’s New Algebra next year!  Wow.  I’m still working out the details and logistics of it.   314 more words

Ray's Arithmetic

Ray's New... Math Website!

You may have noticed that things look a little bit different here since our last posting.

During the past month we’ve been busy — very busy — not only producing math videos for… 521 more words

Ray's Arithmetic

Latest Lessons: Subtraction

We’ve left addition for the moment.  But only for a moment.

The next section of Ray’s Primary Arithmetic book is SUBTRACTION.

That starts at Lesson 24–sorry, XXIV. 72 more words

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