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Divisible by 11 or 13 or Both

What is the sum of the integers between and that are divisible by or (or both)?
Source: NCTM Mathematics Teacher, February 2008

integers divisible by are and integers divisible by are . 64 more words

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Consecutive Remainders

What is the smallest positive integer that when divided by , and leaves the remainders , and , respectively?
Source: NCTM Mathematics Teacher, August 2006… 84 more words

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Miscellaneous Problems - Set 1

1) A window is made up of a square portion and an equilateral triangle portion above it. The base of the triangular portion coincides with the upper side of the square. 790 more words

Vandermonde Submatrices and Arithmetic Progressions

Currently, we are asking whether all submatrices of the order- Vandermonde matrix over a finite extension of are invertible where is prime. The answer is “no” in general: there are examples of fields where the Vandermonde matrix has a singular submatrix. 863 more words

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