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Christian Creeds


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As the church grew in the early years after Jesus walked on the earth, it began to organize itself.  281 more words


Divine Trinity (pt 9)

Selection from True Christian Religion ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

(Continued pt 9)

A Trinity of Persons was unknown in the Apostolic Church, but was hatched by the Nicene Council, and from that was introduced into the Roman Catholic church, and from that again into the churches separated from it.

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Emanuel Swedenborg

Four Discourses Against the Arians

Discourse I: Against the Arians

Chapter 1. Introduction. Reason for writing; certain persons indifferent about Arianism; Arians not Christians, because sectaries always take the name of their founder. 111,515 more words

The Church

History of the Arians

1. Arian Persecution Under Constantine

And not long after they put in execution the designs for the sake of which they had had recourse to these artifices; for they no sooner had formed their plans, but they immediately admitted Arius and his fellows to communion. 25,811 more words

The Church

The Deposition of Arius

Alexander’s Deposition of Arius and his companions, and Encyclical Letter on the subject.

Alexander, being assembled with his beloved brethren, the Presbyters and Deacons of Alexandria, and the Mareotis, greets them in the Lord. 2,085 more words

The Church

Exposition of the Christian Faith

Book I


On the eve of setting out for the East, to aid his uncle Valens in repelling a Gothic invasion, Gratian, the Emperor of the West, requested St. 90,757 more words

The Church

Epistles on Arianism and the Deposition of Arius

I. To Alexander, Bishop of the City of Constantinople

To the most reverend and like-minded brother, Alexander, Alexander sends greeting in the Lord:

1. The ambitious and avaricious will of wicked men is always wont to lay snares against those churches which seem greater, by various pretexts attacking the ecclesiastical piety of such. 10,251 more words

The Church