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Sun Baby

Jezebel Bean was born in gorgeous Arizona.
as tiny as a bean, my little sun baby

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Grand Canyon - South Rim

Just outside of the Grand Canyon National Park, Maria waits for tourist to stop and buy her turquoise and silver jewelry, we oblige. I ask the obvious questions I’m sure she has heard all her life. 70 more words


Diminished Value

Diminished Value

Here’s the scenario: You are driving along in your two-year old mint condition Chevrolet Suburban when suddenly a negligent driver decides to turn left and BAM! 376 more words

Car Accident

Blog #107 - "Magang Maga Ang Mata"

Ninang: Knee-n-ahng – Filipino word for Godmother.

Ninong: Knee-n-ohng – Filipino word for Godfather.


TODAY WAS A HORRIBLE DAY that ended quite alright.

It started with my Ninang telling me basically that she wanted me out of the house. 287 more words

Daily Blog

"Inner Peace" By Nicole Lee

“The sense of touch has a high frequency of energy that affects a person’s whole entire aura (the energy that surrounds a person). Any external source of positive energy can cause you to ‘feel’ love, joy and peace; while negative energy can cause you to ‘feel’ depressed, angry, or fearful. 221 more words

Trek Q&A

It has been two months since I ventured to LA for the start of my Trek America trip, and just over a month since I returned. 1,587 more words

Trek America