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Arizona's anti-gay bill angers businesses

The Arizona Legislature passed a bill Feb. 20, that would allow businesses to deny service to gay and lesbian customers. This legislation was meant to grant religious freedom to business owners in a legal manner, but many outraged businesses and critics say it opens the doors to a new kind of discrimination. 161 more words


The Oncoming Christian Persecuation Lead By RINOS

This week, RINO Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the Religious Liberty Bill #SB1062 thus continuing and deepening the War Against Christians. Even RINO Mitt Romney demanded that Jan Brewer veto the Arizona Bill!  797 more words

Gov. Rick Scott Comes Out Against Arizona Rights Bill

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/AP) – Joining other politicians of the Republican party, Governor Rick Scott said Wednesday that he is opposed to the Arizona bill that would add protections for people who assert their religious beliefs in refusing service to gays. 147 more words


Musevenis anti-gay law and Arizona's Anti-gay bill

Some things we will never understand while living on planet earth. Or rather, some things – as obvious as they may be to certain people – are hard to understand to we mere mortals. 979 more words


Refusing Service; Arizona Senate Bill 1062

A percentage of my income is derived from the event industry performing on the classical & flamenco guitar, Chinese pipa and bagpipes. Prior to my career in music and as I was developing and growing my business I supported myself as a baker developing my skills that enabled me to rise to the level of Pastry Chef. 449 more words



Is it possible the lawmakers of Arizona are, at this very moment, spending time on a bill that would allow store owners to deny service to gay couples? 159 more words

Life Matters

Norquist goes to Kansas, dresses down Secretary of State Kobach on immigration

Editors note:  This post is cross-posted from my other blog Potomac Tea Party Report.  Although Norquist is opposing Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s efforts largely related to illegal immigration, it raises questions related to refugee resettlement as well.   604 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program