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Charlee the #Rattlesnake Sleuth

I thought I was going to enjoy chasing a lizard, but this rattlesnake nixed my plans. (I hope you can see it. Mom made us go inside before posing for photos.)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A Year of Smiles - Day 87


My family and I once took a trip to Arizona.  The heat in Arizona is quite different from the heat in southwest Georgia.  233 more words


So, I Kinda Pottied at My Mom's Work

It happened last July right outside her office door. It was a LONG way to the 115-degrees-Fahrenheit, pet relief area. (Remember, this is Arizona, and I had to go really badly.) So, I just squatted and pottied on the rug. 44 more words

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It's Been Awhile

Let’s be honest. It is insanely hard to implement a perfect training plan, eat right, and keep up with regular blog posts. And in reality, I have not been keeping up with any of this things very well in recent weeks. 145 more words