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A Look at Charlee's Mocking Lizard

“Mom! Look! There’s a lizard on the patio, and it’s mocking me!” 6 more words

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A Year of Smiles - Day 87


My family and I once took a trip to Arizona.  The heat in Arizona is quite different from the heat in southwest Georgia.  233 more words


So, I Kinda Pottied at My Mom's Work

It happened last July right outside her office door. It was a LONG way to the 115-degrees-Fahrenheit, pet relief area. (Remember, this is Arizona, and I had to go really badly.) So, I just squatted and pottied on the rug. 44 more words

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It's Been Awhile

Let’s be honest. It is insanely hard to implement a perfect training plan, eat right, and keep up with regular blog posts. And in reality, I have not been keeping up with any of this things very well in recent weeks. 145 more words


Keep Dogs Cool ... Even When They Are

Great article in the WSJ today with neat things to keep cool like this wonderful bed for dogs. I mean, I’m cool already, but cool in the heat. 7 more words

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel