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15 Reasons Why ASU Parties Harder Than Your School

There are people who believe that their school parties hard, then there are Arizona State University students who know the truth. This post is for those in the former group… 454 more words


Bones Found In Africa Pre-Date Earliest Humans By 400,000 Years

A newly discovered fossil has shaken up science’s view of human evolution and could be the missing link between apes and humans: 400,000 years older than the oldest human bone found, the discovery could entirely rewrite our story. 764 more words

History Rewritten

ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

ASU sophomore Samantha Witherwax talks about how she was first exposed to the world of broadcast production and broadcast journalism while in high school in Phoenix. 80 more words


World Traveler

Gabriel Sandler is currently a journalism major student in Arizona State university.

Travel is one of his biggest passions. He has been so lucky to travel all over the word.  64 more words

Arizona State University

Read this: Should reading music be a requirement for children learning music? A response

In February, Sinfini Music published a blog post that was picked up by the National Foundation for Music Education regarding students being able to read and write standard notation. 133 more words

Music Ed

Cronkite, that's what hooked me.

Walter Cronkite Journalism Sophomore Jon Diego‘s passion for sports journalism went unrealized until just recently.

“For a good portion of my life, I had no idea that I had wanted to get into journalism,” Diego says. 138 more words

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