Krishna's Dilemma

I am Krishna and I am going to confess the dilemma I had dealing with emotions of Arjuna.

Arjuna who I believe was an enlightened karma yogi, on the eve of the thirteenth day of the great war took an impulsive, self-defeating vow. 978 more words


Patung Arjuna Wijaya: an Artistic Statue

If you pass at the intersection of Jalan MH Thamrin and Jalan Medan Merdeka, you will see a horse statue. The statue was named as Arjuna Wijaya. 279 more words


Thursdays With Ashok - 2018 classes begin!

Jai Shree Krishna. Jai Gurudev.

Today we began with the introductory Bhagavad Geeta Class for 2018 at Geeta Ashram Malaysia, and we are truly humbled by the turnout! 22 more words

Observing the Armies on the Battlefield of Kurukṣetra

“After that, the conchshells, drums, bugles, trumpets and horns were all suddenly sounded, and the combined sound was tumultuous.

On the other side, both Lord Kṛṣṇa and Arjuna, stationed on a great chariot drawn by white horses, sounded their transcendental conchshells. 1,509 more words

Mind Body And Spirit


Once, Arjuna went on a pilgrimage to all the holy places in Bharatvarsha. During his travels, he met a Brahmin. The Brahmin wished to accompany Arjuna.  1,491 more words

My Land

Bhagavad Geeta 101 - Lessons 5 & 6

Jai Shree Krishna. Jai Gurudev.

We would like to apologize for the delay in sharing our weekly BG lessons by Mr. Peter Ganglani.
We hope that you have been enjoying reading the lessons :) 22 more words

Change of Fortune Story

Today saw a very nice video of Krishna – Arjun and a poor brahmin story.

This story gives beautiful message and learning.

Whole life we generally work for our own self. 152 more words