Letter to Hayagriva July 14 1968

Letter to: Hayagriva
14 July, 1968


My Dear Hayagriva,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your two letters dated July 6 and 8, 1968, respectively, along with one letter from Kirtanananda Swami. 1,059 more words

Letters By Srila Prabnhupada

What is Wealth

The Mahabharata is regarded as equal to four Vedas and called as fifth Veda.

It is a the great ocean of the knowledge, and combined circle of life. 693 more words


Contain Coffee at Arjuna Utara Jakarta

February 28th, 2017. Another new coffee shop around West Jakarta. Well, actually I heard about it some times ago, so Ivan and I planned to visit this place. 256 more words

Food And Beverage

Bhagavad Gita

येsप्यन्य्देवता भक्ता यजन्ते श्रध्द्याsन्विताः |

तेsपि मामेव  कौन्तेय यजन्त्यविधिपूर्वकम ||

Chapter 9 Verse 23

Even those devotees who, endowed with Sraddha, worship other Gods, worship me alone, O son of Kunti, by the wrong method.

The Yoga of distinction between the field and the knower of the field

In the thirteenth discourse of the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna asks Krishna to teach him about nature and spirit, the field and the knower of the field. 325 more words


Bhagavad Gita

सद्भावे साधुभावे च सदित्येतत्प्रयुज्यते |

प्रशस्ते कर्मणि तथा सच्छब्दः पार्थ युज्यते |

Chapter 17 verse 26

The word “Sat” is used in the sense of reality and of goodness; and so also, O Partha , the word “Sat” is used in the sense of an auspicious act.