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Dinner Party Guests

English Historical Fiction Authors is a closed Facebook group for – well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Although the members don’t have to be English, and I’d guess that more than half of them aren’t; the group is for people who are interested in historical fiction with an English setting. 367 more words

Rich History of the Past

If you have not figured this out yet, I do keep telling myself I want to be more consistent with posting, but it hasn’t worked.  Winter in the northeast has not been kind during this past month and they are telling us we can expect another storm this weekend.   633 more words

Bible Study

Experiments in HDR Part 2: The Colossus of Rhodes

OK. So, less narrative than last time and hopefully more payoff. If you’re not sure what HDR is or what I’m on about here, then skip down to my last post or click… 896 more words

Better Call Saul - Day 20 – 90 Days through the Bible – 1 Samuel 3-15

Saul is a conflicted leader. He seems like the answer to the people’s demands for a strong king. God even allows Samuel to anoint him. The problems start after that. 557 more words

Bible In 90 Days

Parashah Terumah (Offering) Exodus 25 - 27:19

Today we read of the instructions for building the Tabernacle, which are very, very detailed. The size of the supports, the types of precious metals and gems, the material the coverings are to be made from, the colors, everything about the Tabernacle is designed, defined, and described in this parashah, and in great detail. 897 more words


Traveling Light, Going Up

We often refer to Abraham as the “first monotheist”, erroneously, I might add. First, we have no such word in Hebrew – מאמין באל אחד so that should make us already suspicious as to its origin, and second, we might recall Adam, hearing G-d’s voice in the Garden. 918 more words