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A Rainbow Promise

Chapter 9
  • God blessed Noah and his sons and told them to be fruitful and multiply. He told them that they shall rule over the animals of the earth and shall eat of the land.
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Must God always tell us what to do?

The title sounds like a kid who asks his father to please give him some space. And at times it is a valid request. Yet it is not sound when it comes to big issues like preparing for a vocation, et cetera. 228 more words


Lift-off sessions for Find Me At Rest

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

We are delighted to announce that our film Find Me At Rest has been selected to take part in the lift-off sessions film competition. 16 more words

Where Did you Get that Boat?

The instructions for the ark, as built by Noah in the Bible, produce a long, cuboid barge with a pitched roof – something like this… 77 more words

Escaping From Eden

God always remembers

They say the two best days of a boat owner’s life are the day he gets the boat and the day he gets rid of it. 599 more words


Noah's Barque

“What the hell is that?!” said God.

“A barque,” said Noah.

God spluttered. “An ark! I said make an ark.”

“Oh,” said Noah. “Guess you must have said it in a characteristically mysterious and elliptical way.” 1,731 more words