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Arkansas suspect killed by police after fatally stabbing daughter, injuring mother

WEST HELENA, Ark. — The Arkansas State Police are investigating after an officer reportedly shot a man after witnessing him stab his daughter to death during a domestic incident early Thursday morning. 394 more words


Once I Love… 💋

My love given to you means I trust you Not just the words that you speak to me Or that special way you look me over In my life, in my world There can be no love without trust My love is not given e…

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Forgiven Book Trailer

Have you longed for a place of acceptance? People allowing you to be yourself? Forgiven is based on a network of women who have come together, asking little of each other, realizing the past has fo…

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‘You’re mine’

The relief came in waves first with your breathing then with your eyes, sweet rainbow on your lips pastel kaleidoscope of peace across your face.   Relief like summer rain in humid oppression,…

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One-Liner Wednesday/#JusJoJan: Waste.

Waste not want not! Opened the fridge the other day and decided I needed to use up things that were fast going out of date! Ended up with a container full of spinach and ricotta pastries and… 8 more words


The Texts Can Wait

by Savannah Strickland
Special to the Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO — The Arkansas Legislature passed Paul’s Law to harshly punish those who text and drive because they are putting other drivers and passengers in danger. 483 more words

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