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'Arkham Asylum 2' Brings Back Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham #SDCC2017

DC didn’t waste anytime getting to its big announcements at San Diego Comic-Con.

Batman Incorporated partners Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham will team up again for… 153 more words


Field Notes: The Road to Arkham

Reading The Road to Arkham drives you up to Arkham Asylum with the Joker in tow and drops you off right where the game Batman: Arkham Asylum… 164 more words


Field Notes: Batman Arkham City (Comic)

Spoilers for the Batman: Arkham City comic follow

The Batman: Arkham City prequel comic is a great direct lead-in to the game. Like Road to Arkham… 358 more words


Field Notes: Batman Arkham City, End Game

Spoilers for Batman: Arkham City End Game follow

Batman: Arkham City End Game has been the most rewarding of the extended storied around the Arkham-verse that I’ve read. 463 more words


The Reoccurring Knightmare of Bruce Wayne - Arkham Asylum

This is a dream, this is the dream which haunts Bruce Wayne each time he sleeps, as he sleeps through the bright morning light – exhausted after spending his night fighting the nightmarish inhabitants of Gotham hell bent on remaking the city into their own image…this is what he dreams, this is the culmination of his nightmares. 657 more words


Field Notes: Assault on Arkham

The Batman Arkham Universe includes Batman: Assault on Arkham, the direct-to-video release from 2014.

I didn’t know what to expect and but I enjoyed the movie – the characters and the setting were Arkham through and through and it added more life to the universe, seeing 292 more words


On the socio-economics of Batman, part one

Part one because I am way too sleep deprived and way too busy to give this the full on analysis I’d like, but here we go, some thoughts while they still exist in my head.  764 more words