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The Reoccurring Knightmare of Bruce Wayne - Arkham Asylum

This is a dream, this is the dream which haunts Bruce Wayne each time he sleeps, as he sleeps through the bright morning light – exhausted after spending his night fighting the nightmarish inhabitants of Gotham hell bent on remaking the city into their own image…this is what he dreams, this is the culmination of his nightmares. 656 more words

Arkham Asylum - Jane Doe Episode 6

Episode 6

Jane is consciously dragged in to the study room which she is all too familiar with. An orderly drags her in and the Doctor quickly follows behind; shutting and locking the door behind him. 2,047 more words


Arkham Asylum - Jane Doe Episode 5

Episode 5


Jane is in a blank white box room with nothing it. All she can see is the blinding lights on the ceiling, a light switch and the door. 1,143 more words


Arkham Asylum - Jane Doe Episode 4

Episode 4


Jane is ushered into a blank white room by an orderly.  She can see a therapy bed, chairs and computer equipment and a black mysterious box. 1,168 more words


On the socio-economics of Batman, part one

Part one because I am way too sleep deprived and way too busy to give this the full on analysis I’d like, but here we go, some thoughts while they still exist in my head.  764 more words


Arkham Asylum - Jane Doe Episode 3

Episode 3

Jane is sitting in a blank white walled small box room. There is a chaise lounge on one side of the room and a chair and table opposite. 1,256 more words


Arkham Asylum - Jane Doe Episode 2

Episode 2


In interview room again, Jane is already settled in her seat after lunch.

Doctor: Nice to see you again, Jane. Do you mind if I call you Jane? 734 more words