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Harley Quinn Make Up Cosplay | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Oh hey guys, don’t mind me. Just decided to tip the contents of my make up bag out and create a Harley Quinn make up cosplay like normal people do on a Monday evening. 129 more words

Geeking Out

How the Arkham Series has changed Superhero Gaming.

When it comes to gaming superhero fans really got the short end of the stick with Superman 64 and the plethora of Batman games that were movie tie-ins. 424 more words


Batman Arkham Knight Review: Definitely a Knight to Remember

I remember my first encounter with Arkham Asylum back 2009. Surprisingly, it heralded the dawn of a new era of superhero action games for me. By that I mean it held my attention for more than 17 seconds. 2,013 more words


Arkham Manor Vol 1

Arkham Manor, Vol. 1 by Gerry Duggan came out during the reign of the New 52 and was a spinoff of Batman Eternal. For a time there were arguably too many Batman titles out there to choose from, and as a result of such a glut of Batman books, some were missed and fell by the wayside. 293 more words

Comic Books

Fan Theory: Bruce Wayne is a Patient at Arkham

We all know the back story of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Witnesses his parents death, grows up to become a vigilante against crime. One thing that is often left out is that these “villians” of Gotham (despite what the Fox TV show says) did not appear in Gotham until Batman did. 272 more words


Batman: Arkham Knight - very short review

The original Arkham Asylum was an atmospheric and tightly made experience that proved it’s possible to make a good Batman game. But, two sequels later, the challenge for Rocksteady Studios was to make the first Arkham game to feature on a next generation console something still worth shouting about. 200 more words

Batman: Arkham City - Irving's Review, Part 1

Irving continues his look at the latest Batman franchise with the second game, Arkham City, featuring the world’s hottest cat.