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A Well-Chronicled Adventure in Tiny Robotics

Some of us get into robotics dreaming of big heavy metal, some of us go in the opposite direction to build tiny robots scurrying around our tabletops. 238 more words


Autistic Meltdowns & Shutdowns

Last week I posted a very short video explaining what autistic meltdowns and shutdowns are in just over two minutes. Since posting I’ve had some questions so this week I took the time to answ… 10 more words


Reasons To Stop… Reasons To Not…

I sit here often, thinking of taking a break. A blogging break. A real one. You know, no visiting blogs, writing, reading, interacting… nothing. Yet I can’t do it. 13 more words


Navigating blogs

Just a sort of heads up …   One of my pet peeves when visiting blogs is not finding certain Widgets. These are: A Follow Widget so I can receive email notification rather than just the R…

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On the Edge

Stand on the edge and the view splits. One way is sanity, the other madness. Or perhaps it’s less severe — one side represents the known, and the other the unknown. 9 more words


Birth of a Painting Series: “She Broke”.

Article by Denise Hartley Birth of a Painting Series: “She Broke”. Where does the artist find inspiration in creating an artwork? Second in the series: “She Broke”, oil on canvas, 16”x 20”, 1998. 10 more words


How to get over an Ex

I know many of us struggle to let go of the past, especially when it just made us so happy. Here is the thing about endings they are always to close off what is no longer for you. 13 more words