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#Windows10 – ARM, Qualcomm and this video will blow your mind !

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If you are reading news in internet, you probably already have seen this video.

Now, the hype is gone. A lot of people make some weird assumptions, and maybe is time to share some real facts. 119 more words


Running full Windows 10 on mobile devices with Snapdragon chips will soon be a reality

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

You’ll soon be able to run 32-bit x86 Windows apps on ARM devices

Remember Microsoft’s Surface Pro used to have a sibling called Surface RT? 459 more words


Keep your ARM deployment secrets in the Key Vault

When creating new resource in Azure that have secrets like passwords or ssl certificates you can securely save them in the Key Vault and get them from the Key Vault when you deploy. 664 more words


Death of a largely unsung heroine

Myrtle Berman (1924-2016)

Myrtle Berman, anti-apartheid activist, librarian, political prisoner, hunger striker, international management consultant and lifelong socialist, died peacefully in her apartment in Cape Town on December 8. 940 more words


Microsoft's x86-on-ARM is a sign of the times

I’m just writing this to be a total prick and rub your face in things and make you angry at me, because now even Microsoft is taking ARM seriously after announcing an x86-on-ARM emulator for Windows, and six years ago… 622 more words


#Windows10 - ARM, Qualcomm y un video que te parte la cabeza

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Si no vives debajo de una piedra, es muy probable que hayas visto este video.

Ahora que ya ha pasado el hype del video y todo el mundo ha hecho unas especulaciones / suposiciones fantásticas, llega el momento de compartir datos reales. 133 more words

Windows 10

ARM-Based Windows 10 Portable PCs!? Hell Yes! - Thurrott.com

Windows 10 on ARM will supply a long-rumored feature: The ability to run 32-bit Win32/x86 desktop applications—Apple iTunes, Adobe Photoshop, Google Chrome, whatever—directly on the system, unchanged.

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