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Steps to Refinance Far from the ARM Loan

In todays home mortgage market, anybody with an ARM loan ought to think about refinancing into a set rate mortgage. Rates may never ever be lower and how is the time to obtain that much better home mortgage. 54 more words

3rd March 3015. Life size wax cut outs.

I’ve started to create a life-size cut out figure!

Here’s a  brief development sequence.

The shapes are cut out of the surface of the wax and then stuck to the outside, creating an environment for the figure to inhabit, which is generated by the figure itself… 188 more words

3d-caddit "lent us a hand"

Everything’s much easier when you have friends to support you! This time, 3d-caddit lent us a hand – though as you’ll see on the image, kind of literally! 60 more words

Twitching Arm

I had a somatic experiencing session a few days ago. I have done almost 20 sessions of SE work. It helps a lot. occasionally I will feel “twitchy” for a short while after the session. 65 more words


Green jumper, enough was evident from the phrase and the gender remained a mystery but yearns. The arms. Picking, lifting. Bald based or short sighted the difference wasn’t that tenuous and there was no frothing. 40 more words


Arm Shaking

This happens in therapy…we are assuming a sort of stuck or “freeze” response….wanting to push away or shield myself, while simultaneously wanting to connect (confusion of abuse coming from primary caregiver). 65 more words