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Does the use of Nintendo Wii SportsTMimprove arm function? Trial of WiiTM in Stroke: A randomized controlled trial and economics analysis

Source: Clinical Rehabilitation

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Date of publication: 14th March 2016

Publication type: Journal Article

In a nutshell:

A total of 240 participants aged 24–90 years with arm weakness following a stroke within the previous six months. 197 more words

Volume 8 Issue 01

I'm about to get operated.

I know I’m in my fifth year of medical school, I know I’ve grown up hearing about operations, I know I’ve seen countless surgeries… But somehow I’m still somewhat scared. 118 more words


The Open Source Hacker's Laptop

has been Mr. Olimex for about twenty five years now, and since then, he’s been through a lot of laptops. Remember when power connectors were soldered directly to the motherboard? 601 more words

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What is Azure Resource Manager?

In the early days of Microsoft Azure the Portal was the primary tool to go in and configure your cloud components. After some time the Azure Service Manager API’s were introduced as a set of both PowerShell and Command-Line tools (X-Plat CLI). 3,200 more words


MiQi - a $35 ARM SBC with Rockchip RK3288 alternate to RaspberryPi

#MiQi – a $35 #ARM #SBC with #Rockchip RK3288 alternate to #RaspberryPi

The MiQi is the same size and price as a Raspberry Pi 3, but this little single-board computer/developer board features a Rockchip processor, up to 32GB of built-in storage, Gigabit Ethernet, and a few other features that help set it apart. Find more details here


Allwinner's $79 11.6-inch ARM laptop has 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and runs Remix OS

Remix OS has gained some traction as a powerful desktop OS that runs Android apps and has some good interface ideas. Chinese manufacturer Allwinner is now looking to use Remix OS to power a… 181 more words


Emerging Technology ‘EMiT’ 2016 – Register now

Registration is open for the upcoming third edition of the Emerging Technology ‘EMiT’ conference to be held on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. 273 more words