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ODROID-C2 - $40 is a 64bit 4 core SBC and best alternative to RaspberryPi2

#ODROID-C2 – $40 is a #64bit 4 core #SBC and best alternative to #RaspberryPi2

The ODROID-C2 is a 64-bit quad-core Single Board Computer (SBC) that is one of the most cost-effective 64-bit development boards available in the ARM world. 141 more words



So I decided that it was time to work on my arm muscles, as I could barely do 10  pushups a couple weeks ago. I came up with a routine that I do daily that has helped me build my arms in two weeks. 121 more words

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Installing Debian Stretch on a Cubox-i

I have a Cubox-i and these are my notes to install Debian with the standard u-boot and linux kernel from the Debian archive.

Some requirements on the host: 293 more words


Set-up ARM Cortex-M3 Build Environment in Less Than 15 Minutes

I always wanted to play a bit with the new CC2650 from TI. Unfortunately, the chip is not yet available (to me at least). To be prepared whenever they come up I decided to get some ARM Cortex-M3 boards which is the same core also integrated into the CC2650. 526 more words


Alex Reviews Music (ARM): Bloc Party – “HYMNS” | 04.02.2016

I was actually going to publish a very different blogpost before I suddenly got enlightened by a powerful inspiration to draft down yet another ARM critical appraisal. 997 more words


Cheap Card Size Computer

Well, it’s been few years since I made this blog.
Never touched, and never visit.

From now on, I will start to blog ( I hope ) regularly and try to practicing my writing in english. 317 more words