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What I Actually Care About In Windows 10

It’s not exactly unusual to hear about someone being cautious to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, but as everyone around me is upgrading I’ve been thinking about what I actually care about on my PC that would get me to upgrade. 662 more words


Blender CAM

Blender CAM is one of those pieces of software that I need to look at. I’ve only played with blender a little when I was making a mod for Arma 3 – more as a means of seeing if I could rather than with a fixed end state in mind.


Why I keep going back to the walking simulator with terrible walking

Yep another Arma post. So lately I have been playing a lot of high octane action shooters. BF4 and Insurgency amongst them, the former because I got it for free and the later because it’s really good and you should totally buy it once it goes on sale again. 458 more words


Getting back into modded Arma

Arma is a realistic military simulator / first person shooter. The current iteration, that is Arma 3, takes it’s root in the 2001 release Operation Flashpoint. 323 more words


ARMA 3: Russians Overrun

This week a bunch of Russians decided to drive down the road in Afghanistan. It was going pretty well until it didn’t. 138 more words


Scenes from Op Talon: Bravo Squad Leader

Last week’s mission saw OCB perform a High Altitude Low Opening paradrop insertion into a new map for us: Kunduz, to take out a collection of Shilka self-propelled AAA guns. 267 more words


ARMA 3: Stratis Operations

Stratis Operations:

MISSION: Insert into Camp and setup defenses. Clear routes of IEDs and conduct an Assault on enemy bomb factory.

Stratis Operations was a smaller mission that I ran. 89 more words