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Worlds 1st (civilian) Arma 3 Helicopter SimPit-Update

Well I’m on my way to the first Arma 3 based simulator.  I wanted to use this platform because the military uses a program based on the software’s engine (virtural battlespace 3).  355 more words


ARMA 3 Basic respawn tutorial

I have created this tutorial in response to a question asked on the ARMA 3 community forums.  A member was having trouble setting up a respawn system, a problem that used to annoy me.   225 more words


Arma 3 experimental Public Beta for Linux and Mac coming very soon

As most of you know, #BohemiaInteractive is very eager to #release their Linux port for Arma 3. The team has been hard at work preparing for a public beta for Linux and Mac, having just  389 more words

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Arma 3 the massive military FPS will be coming to Linux

Arma 3 the massive military #FPS that has been both developed and published by #BohemiaInteractive. As a popular title on Steam, the #developers have acknowledged a Linux version is currently in the works… 731 more words

Linux Game News

What I Actually Care About In Windows 10

It’s not exactly unusual to hear about someone being cautious to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, but as everyone around me is upgrading I’ve been thinking about what I actually care about on my PC that would get me to upgrade. 662 more words


Blender CAM

Blender CAM is one of those pieces of software that I need to look at. I’ve only played with blender a little when I was making a mod for Arma 3 – more as a means of seeing if I could rather than with a fixed end state in mind.


Why I keep going back to the walking simulator with terrible walking

Yep another Arma post. So lately I have been playing a lot of high octane action shooters. BF4 and Insurgency amongst them, the former because I got it for free and the later because it’s really good and you should totally buy it once it goes on sale again. 458 more words