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7 Massive Games With Huge Steep Learning Curve

Many people think that now gaming has gotten a lot easy compare to old times. It’s true in many ways but I personally disagree with this thing. 847 more words


Lone Wolves Die Alone.

Onboard a half filled CH-49 Mohawk,  I sit alone at the very end of the helicopter, right next to the ramp. My buddy Lolgasm is sick and out for this operation. 1,525 more words

nine~ Reunions and EXILE

The ride back to my old friends encampment was long, hot and bumpy. I hadn’t quite recovered from what had me on my back for so long, and the recent fight wasn’t helping. 762 more words


4 Challenging Sniper Video Games That Will Test Your Accuracy

Sniping in real life is scary but in video games, it is hella fun. Sniping has become an essential feature in every first-person shooter and there are dedicated groups of players that only focus on sniping. 503 more words


The Difference Between Panic and Alert

The difference is subtle, but displays in very different ways. While panicked, I feel fast, confused, indecisive. I feel scared and uncertain. Where am I getting shot from? 147 more words

5 Most Graphically Demanding PC Video Games of 2016 and 2017

2016 And 2017 are both great years for gaming. With Groundbreaking hits like Uncharted 4 And Return of franchises like Final Fantasy whereas 2017 delivered some of the best RPGs ever like Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath Of The Wild. 782 more words