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Assault On Saint-George Airstrip: An ArmA 3 Story

The mission I just completed in ArmA 3’s Dynamic Recon Ops mod should make a nice send-off as I put the game down for a while. 631 more words


ArmA III: Dynamic Recon Ops Has Been Improving

Since I wrote about it in July, the ArmA III mod “Dynamic Recon Ops” continues to develop, adding features and squashing bugs. It was already really fun then, but now has become a far more functional and content-rich sandbox within  432 more words


Exile: the ultimate Arma 3 mod

Info: I’ve only played Arma 3’s original content for a very short time. I actually got it just to play the Exile mod. So if some of my excitement about Exile might be the same in the base game by now don’t pay too much attention to my bias towards the mod over the original. 756 more words

Salty's View

Up-And-Comig ArmA 3 Mod: Dynamic Recon Ops

Operation Swampforce had me leading a team of three AI recon soldiers into a lumber mill just north of the town of Berezino to assassinate an officer, blow up a storehouse, and grab some intel. 1,062 more words


ArmA 3 Apex Impressions Part Two

So I’ve finished the main campaign that came with the ArmA 3 expansion, Apex, after putting down some quick words about it. Other than… 510 more words


Skid Marks

I started building the base for the AH-6. I figure that the whole sim will probably be about 500 to 1000 lbs when it’s all said and done. 250 more words


Mods And The Potential Of Bohemia Interactive's Map Design

Right before ArmA 3’s Apex expansion came out I decided to finally start up a popular mod scenario called Pilgrimage. It is an odd, sort of slapped-together attempt at unlocking a lot of the potential of Bohemia Interactive’s toy chest of a game.  601 more words