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KOMUNIKADO DI KUERPO POLISIAL KÒRSOU Detenshon pa violashon di Lei di Arma di Kandela i droga

247 / 2017
16 yüli 2017
Detenshon pa violashon di Lei di Arma di Kandela i droga
Departamentu di Komunikashon i Prevenshon… 149 more words


Time Series Analysis Part 2 (ARIMA)

‘Time’ is the most important factor which ensures success in a business. It’s difficult to keep up with the pace of time.  But, technology has developed some powerful methods to enable us to ‘see things’ ahead of time.   1,547 more words

Data Science

Liberation Problems

The feeling when you’re about to liberate and chill and the language is wrong. Not even subtitles.

Damn. Everybody speaks foreign everywhere we liberate. Why doesn’t everyone just speak english? It’s so easy.

– Liberator


Focusing on the Local by Joining the NCC-AIIM Executive Committee

I’ve talked a little bit here about the need to improve the local communities for information management. It is an area that ARMA does better than other groups in the industry but their focus and members can be intimidating for those who aren’t records managers. 566 more words


Obama Memuji Indonesia Saat Berlibur di Bali

Dalam liburannya di Bali kemarin, Obama dan keluarga singgah ke Agung Rai Museum of Art. Di sana, ia pun sempat memuji alam Indonesia.

Hal itu pun diceritakan oleh Agung Rai, pemilik dari Agung Rai Museum of Art yang dikunjungi Obama dan keluarga Sabtu malam kemarin (24/6/2017). 194 more words


Obama Menyempatkan Berdoa di Pura Untuk Perdamaian Dunia Saat di Ubud

Mantan presiden Amerika Serikat Barack Obama berkunjung ke Agung Rai Museum Of Art (Arma) di Desa Pengosekan, Ubud, GIanyar, Bali, Sabtu (24/6/2017).

Tidak hanya meikmati karya seni yang menjadi koleksi museum itu, Obama dengan rombongan menyempatkan diri berdoa bersama di Pura Dalem yang tidak jauh dari museum. 137 more words


Dynamic Recon Ops: Big Expansion And Big "Sequel" Mod

I let Arma 3 back into my life despite knowing how much time it would suck away from other games like Zelda Breath of the Wild… 608 more words