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Free tool pack for Arma 3 favorites Vapor Workshop along with rate reduction

Bohemia Interactive has actually released an official mod for Arma 3 in the form of a totally free ADR-97 Tool Load. The studio has additionally minimized the rate of the base video game and also its DLC. 25 more words


#ARMANextGen – Lipstick, Meet Pig

Look, I really don’t want to be the bad guy here. I really, really don’t. Some of my best friends and closest colleagues are long-time ARMA supporters. 898 more words

Next Generation Records Management

More on ARMA and Records Management

Further to my open letter from last week:

ARMA is at a critical tipping point in its 60+ year history. Hard decisions will have to be made very quickly. 288 more words

Enterprise Records And Information Management

An Open Letter to ARMA from a Records Management Professional at a Critical Turning Point in History

I have been a professional records manager for nearly 20 years. I started my career in the late nineties with a small software company that produced an ‘enterprise records management application’ which we marketed to both public and private sector organizations across the world. 1,506 more words

Enterprise Records And Information Management

Are Shooters Stagnant?

Gamers like shooting things in the face. Army men, aliens, criminals, hell anything that breathes. It’s satisfying to vent your frustrations by emptying countless numbers of bullets into something that’s trying to kill you right back. 953 more words


Open Access and Academic Journal Markets: a Manchester View

In February, a thought piece was issued jointly by Jisc, RLUK, SCONUL and ARMA which aimed to start a conversation about academic journal markets and progress in the UK towards Open Access. 1,097 more words

Open Access

Primal Paradigms

Cooperative ownership,
interdependent team governance structures
are to economics
as mental health is to psychology,
as integrative symbiosis is to the ecology of evolving biosystems, 15 more words