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Some Arma 3 gameplay from Altis

Hi there,

I played some Arma 3 with the DUWS scenario mod here the other day. DUWS stands for Dynamic Universal War System for those who don´t know. 103 more words


My experience trying to entertain 300+ players in an ArmA community

Mid-Deployment Experience

I’ve been part of the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit for 4 years right now. I’ve been part of infantry and Force Reconnaissance and my other duties have been S-2 Public Relations (Newsletter), S-4 Mod Team, S-4 QA Team, S-4 Zeus Controllers  and S-2 Intelligence Section. 1,731 more words


War Story - Interview with Sgt Abba Svenska

This short story is set within the current story I am writing featuring Ravishal, GoSpeed, and Abba. The conflict is between an AI that rules the world and the people and NPCS in the virtual world who are fighting for some form of independence. 4,298 more words


Up-And-Comig ArmA 3 Mod: Dynamic Recon Ops

Operation Swampforce had me leading a team of three AI recon soldiers into a lumber mill just north of the town of Berezino to assassinate an officer, blow up a storehouse, and grab some intel. 1,062 more words


Me, my computer and its specs

Since I will publish posts about gaming, gameplay, and other software and hardware, I felt it could be alright to give some information about my computer that I will use for this. 436 more words


ArmA 3 Apex Impressions Part Two

So I’ve finished the main campaign that came with the ArmA 3 expansion, Apex, after putting down some quick words about it. Other than… 510 more words


Mods And The Potential Of Bohemia Interactive's Map Design

Right before ArmA 3’s Apex expansion came out I decided to finally start up a popular mod scenario called Pilgrimage. It is an odd, sort of slapped-together attempt at unlocking a lot of the potential of Bohemia Interactive’s toy chest of a game.  601 more words