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Wake Up! ARMA Canada

I just spent the last few days (May 25th – 27th) at the ARMA Canada conference in Calgary. As you’d expect it was great to get together with people that I typically only engage with online. 688 more words

Information Management

What's Really Holding Back PC Games?

I’m going to try to make this my last post connecting to The Witcher 3 before I actually play the game (which will probably be long after its hype dies down). 867 more words


Wolford fantasy

Yo Visitor!

I’m still working on my post with tips and tricks how to walk on high heels. I can tell you this much: it’s gonna be a sequel. 255 more words


More Games Should Have Limited Inventory Systems

Usually I’m in lock step with complaints about how retail games from disparate genres have become increasingly homogeneous these days, but the inventory screen is one thing I actually wish was another part of the generally-accepted concoction. 1,092 more words


The Power of Ubud

Hari itu saya kembali jatuh cinta. Jatuh cinta dengan nuansa alam dan budaya di Ubud yang saling melengkapi dan berinteraksi. Berkesempatan mengunjungi Bali yang kedua kalinya menjadi awal perkenalan dengan Desa Ubud, Bali. 525 more words


Impulso .

El ser humano se mueve por el mundo por muchas razones y valores. Estos van cambiando y girando dependiendo de las circunstancias , no obstante , hay quienes mantienen su rumbo, su ilusión y honor a lo largo de toda su vida, estas personas creen en los sueños compartidos , pero también existen auténticas bombas de relojería , capaces de destruir todo lo que tienen a su alrededor. 594 more words


The Road Of ArmA 3

What can I really talk about right now? I’m anticipating Grand Theft Auto V’s PC release, especially since I haven’t played it at all since a short PS3 rental in 2013. 1,268 more words