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Original Post Apocalyptic Play: feed/back opens tonight!

Hijacking my own blog once again and interrupting the End of World Subcategories, since my very own postapocalyptic play opens tonight on the 12th Avenue Arts… 1,084 more words


Dictator Kim Jong Un, in North Korea
President Donald Trump, in America
Each with inflated egos
Each believe they’re supermen: fools.

As bigger nuclear payload rockets… 135 more words


The End of the World Club

The one and only meeting of the End of the World Club was held in my favorite building on campus, the old English department building. It was nestled back among the trees, and you could open the old windows and let the breeze in, feel the hardwood floors croak under your feet. 2,132 more words


Emboldened by Trump and Israel, Erdogan Moves Against Syria (Gordon Duff on Press TV)

Syria has slammed Turkey’s recent incursion into the country’s northern province of Aleppo as a breach of the international law.

World At War

armageddon oops sorry...

What if it all explodes,
the universe inside
pushed through
its fragile shell

all that exists
above the big hole.

What if bricks fly… 19 more words


Middle East Updates: Syria And Iraq

Interview: What the liberation of Mosul means for Syria?

A lot has been said about the liberation of Mosul, but few questions remain unaddressed: how the Iraqi Army crushed the “Frankenstein” ISIS that many media outlets said is unbeatable. 1,085 more words

World At War