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The Armageddon Project Reviews & Book PDF Download

The Armageddon Project Reviews & Book PDF Download. I have always known there were Jehovah Witnesses in the world, even spent all of my childhood going to school with one. 87 more words

American Blackout (Full Movie)

The previous post sparkled my prepping instinct. Life is resilient but it also is fickle. One moment you are planning dinner, then the earthquake-volcano-tsunami-fall off a ladder-bee sting-hit by a bus death-insert your own here, happens.  137 more words


ALERT! Jade Helm 15 Is a False Flag Takedown of the Power Grid in Order to Quell All Resistance

Article under italic intro.

C0-blogger thetruthisstrangerthanfiction and I were exchanging views on this story.  Could this story be for real? Could such a scenario develop? In one hand, the boy has been crying wolf so many times the town folk don’t hear him. 2,716 more words



If anyone remembers, back in 2012 there was an Apocalypse that was a no-show, due to the Mayans dropping the ball or some sort. Back then, on the Book of Faces, one of my FaceBook Souls–Klank–posed the question of, what would your Soundtrack to the End of the World be? 403 more words


Cause for conCERN? Is Armageddon coming?

Terrible pun aside, there is a lot in the news lately that Armageddon coming. It’s pretty much connected to the CERN Super Collider project where they are trying to recreate the big bang. 553 more words


Republicans and the Rapture

I finally figured out why Congressional Republicans are so intent on destroying America. Well, not just America, but the world. For some reason, the religious Right, which includes all those crazies who are homophobic and/or determined to keep the richest 1% separate from the rest of humanity, decries science but obviously believes in all this End of the World/Left Behind/Rapture nonsense. 264 more words