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Q & A With Danny Carnage of Digicore

Danny Carnage ,frontman with industrial punk noisemongers Digicore, took some time out from converting the masses with their splicing of hardcore punk and industrial to answer a few questions on inspiration, people that download music, touring and social media amongst other things. 1,206 more words


DIGICORE - 'More Than Just An Ape' (Armalyte) [6]

Reznor. Jourgensen. Patrick. Industrial music’s lone shadowy creators inevitably surround themselves with other musicians when playing live, and so Digicore’s Danny Carnage is joined by Matt and, um, Matt, once his laptop brainchildren reach adolescence. 94 more words


Bundle in a Box:Deep Space Armalyte issue.

I purchased the latest indie bundle called Deep Space when i was away a few days ago as i didn’t want to miss out on such a great bundle. 135 more words


One small click for mantas, a giant leap for bundlekind

Blah blah blah “too many bundles…”  HANG ON A SEC, THIS ONE’S AWESOME!
Bundle in a Box (“the only thematic bundle around”) went all ‘adventure’ games last time, but this time it’s… 954 more words

News Flash – Armalyte (PC) – WILL be a download!

First of all, thanks to Rock Paper Shotgun for featuring our Armalyte coverage yesterday. If you’ve somehow missed it.. RPS is a top-class blog for PC Gamers, and run by really nice guys to boot. 131 more words

I'd buy Armalyte if I had a PC

Armalyte, a horizontal shooter from the glory days of the C64 was and still is a firm favourite of mine. It was bloody hard, but I think I got about half way through the game. 45 more words


First review: Armalyte (official PC remake)

If you’re as excited about this game as I am, you want ANSWERS NOW. You don’t want me to explain (again) the plot, basic gameplay… 1,893 more words