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Längtan efter en skog och en sjö

Men ingen ko. Eller mjölkerska.

Men jag har börjat knarka Hemnet.se – söker på vinterbonade fritidshus. Nära sjö. Vill se en plaskande hund.

Vill tälja barkbåtar. 16 more words

Arman - Blue Sharp 1979

Arman is was a French-born American artist. He began making art from a very young age, only signing his first name, Armand. A typo in a newspaper later in his career led him to keep misspelling his name for the rest of his career. 144 more words


From "Journal d'un critique d'art désabusé" (2009 - 2011) by Michel Ragon, published by Éditions Albin Michel, Paris, 2013 (version originale followed by translation)

View of the room dedicated to the tastes of Michel Ragon as part of the “Passeurs” raccrochage  of the Centre Pompidou’s permanent collection in 2015. In the front plan: “Nuit ouvrante, 1945-55,” sculpture, Etienne-Martin. 497 more words


Arman (1928-2005) was a French born American artist. Arman’s vast artistic output ranges from drawings and prints to monumental public sculpture to his famous “accumulations” of found objects. 55 more words

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