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2018 May 04 ~ 12

“No matter how you slice it normies are the greatest plague upon mankind. Sure, some political systems will function better than others but a good chunk of the problems regarding the use of power is reducible to normieism. 8,578 more words

2018 Feb 21 ~ Mar 14

“The future that Progressivism wants is one where everyone is a complete degenerate but ze doesn’t get any enjoyment from it.”

“California is spending more to paint a bridge than the bridge originally cost to build (in current dollars).” 5,872 more words

FIBECO barangay consumers body hold first ever assembly

MARAMAG—Nearly 1,000 electric owner-consumer leaders gathered for the very first time, tackling vital inputs concerning its member-consumer empowerment program through the First Bukidnon Electric Cooperative, Inc. 796 more words


The White Cube (Space Cadets:An exploration of context and its role in the contemporary artwork) Part 3

Into The Space: Andrea Fraser, Down the River (2016), Mondrian, Lissitsky, Schwitters, Klein and Institutional Critique.

The gallery is empty but the air is full of sound. 2,279 more words

White Cube

On the liberation upon hearing in the intermediate state

Words, a score, a performance, a place, a listener, they
are all permanently drifting – drifting along. They
contigently meet as part of the world’s abundance.  
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2018 Feb 03 ~ 08

“The US should have no secrets, they shouldn’t have anything to hide if they’re innocent”

“the number 1 biggest sign you’re living in an oppressive fascist dictatorship is when you can publically shout to thousands of followers about how you want foreign armies to overthrow your political system and not even be asked about it by law enforcement… 5,288 more words

2018 Jan 17 ~ 24

“>May 2016
>AT&T puts data caps on everything for the first time
>sends postcards to everyone
>”AT&T Now Offering Unlimited Data Plans!”

>January 2018
>Comcast throttles everything for the first time… 5,620 more words