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Arizona trooper shot in ambush attack; Good Samaritan kills gunman, Saves Trooper’s Life

In the last eight years, this country has seen an increase in attacks on police officers. The worst president in our history, Barack Hussein Obama, has created a cop-hating culture and many black criminals have bought in to that philosophy. 123 more words

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Is Trump Appealing To Racism When He Supports Armed Citizens? You Betcha.

Back in 2008 Obama had his ‘guns and religion’ moment, which briefly appeared to undo his Presidential campaign, now Hillary has created her moment too with the comment about ‘deplorables.’  And while you might think that an entire national campaign never really rises or falls on a few words, just ask George Bush, the first George Bush, whether or not he’s still asking people to read his lips. 599 more words


BOOM: This Meme PERFECTLY Illustrates How To STOP A Terrorist Attack

Published on July 23, 2016

URL of the original posting site: http://clashdaily.com/2016/07/boom-meme-perfectly-illustrates-stop-terrorist-attack/

Want to know how you can stop a terrorist attack? Elmer Fudd shows us the perfect way.

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Survey: 76% of Police Chiefs Say Armed Citizens 'REDUCE' Violent Crime 

This story beyond any doubt will see little or no Obama Media coverage.

While liberals call for more gun control to stop violence, three-fourths of the nation’s police chiefs and sheriffs say armed citizens actually “reduce violent criminal activity.” 12 more words

57% of criminals fear armed citizens more than cops

From: wnd.com,  by Ben Kinchlow,  on Jun 19, 2016,  see the article HERE.

The worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 just occurred in Orlando, Florida. 1,003 more words


You Haven't Met America

A viral National Rifle Association (NRA) television commercial features country music star Charlie Daniels warning Muslim terrorists “Real Americans aren’t pussies like Barack Hussein Obama” 708 more words


Saddle Up Boys

Apparently in Texas, “armed and vigilant” citizens aren’t sitting around waiting for the “nothing to do with Islam” do-nothing American government to “protect” them against the next Muslim… 53 more words