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Second Amendment Follies, Part 3: "the Security of a Free State"

So we have seen that the real purpose of the Second Amendment was to guarantee a “well-regulated militia”. Why? Well, continue reading to the next phrase: “being necessary to the security of a free state”. 1,252 more words


This Time It Was a Good Gal With a Gun

By Elisha Krauss, 12-2-17, at the Daily Wire:

On Monday, the director of operations at an Arby’s in Sterling Heights, Michigan, carrying a 9MM Glock, … 286 more words


Stephen Willeford Not the First Good Guy with a Gun

By Andrew O’Reilly, 11-9-17 at Fox News:

The armed civilian who used his AR-15 rifle to stop Sunday’s mass murder of 26 Texas churchgoers has been hailed, rightly, as a hero, but Stephen Willeford is hardly unique. 502 more words


Defending Anarcho-Capitalism - What about Rising Tyrants?

Last week, Voltaire hosted a discussion on his channel. This video features some excerpts from that live stream (which was 2 hours long), in which myself, Esoteric Entity, Voltaire, and Marianne Ancapkitty explain how an AnCap society would defend itself against the rise of a Tyrant. 194 more words


How Come We Believe Stuff About Guns Which Simply Isn't True?

In 1960 Gallup conducted a national poll which asked the following question: “Do you think there should or should not be a law that would ban the possession of pistols and revolvers, except by the police and other authorized persons?” Had such a law then been passed, it would have brought the United States into line with just about every other advanced country and might… 603 more words

'Evil' Handguns Save Lives (True Stories)

From: usconcealedcarry.com,  requires membership,  Aug-Sep issue


POLICE CREDIT ARMED TEXAS CITIZEN WITH STOPPING ACTIVE SHOOTER A man walked into a popular Arlington restaurant and started shouting at the manager. 1,040 more words


You Don't Need A Gun To Protect Yourself From Bonnie & Clyde.

We had a Bonnie & Clyde moment last week when two convicts murdered two prison guards who were taking them on a bus through Georgia, and over the next… 649 more words