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US Wars And Hostile Actions

That time again…..the IST history lesson…..

After listening to the speech given by Pres. Trump at the UN when he talked about those “rogue nations” that are a threat to the stability of the world….and it got me to thinking about the history of the US and I wanted to look back….. 546 more words

International Situations

Remembering Sabra And Shatila

35 years a go this month Israel was deep in fighting in Southern Lebanon….and Israel allowed on of the most disgusting tragedies happen…the Massacre nat the Sabra and Shatila Refugee Camps…. 235 more words

International Situations

Closing Thought--13Sep17

Death By Suicide!

There have been many tragic stories that have come to light since we started down this road of war 16 years ago…..it is sad that so many Americans have had to die….so many have had to be repaired….and especially all those that just could not cope and took their own lives. 234 more words


World War 2--The Big Ones

Speaking of war……..

The war of the “Greatest Generation”…..when American went to war against Germany and Japan and to a small part Italy…..sad that was 80 years ago and slowly those that fought that war are disappearing….soon their voices will be gone and I am afraid so will be the caring of a nation. 171 more words


One, Two, Three, What Are We Fighting For?

Well I don’t Give a Shit

Just Get us Out Of Tikrit

A take on an old antiwar song from Country Joe and The Fish…… 359 more words

International Situations

Maintaining peacekeeping face within an arms deal fallout: The Canadian-Saudi dilemma

It’s interesting how decades-old policy can make its way from the ink on paper into the heterogeneous fabric of Canadian identity. Peacekeeping, a role that Canadians assume we’ve played since highlighted during the days of Lester Pearson and the Suez Canal crisis, is a major element of contemporary national identity. 880 more words

Armed Conflict

Armed Conflict and Sexual Violence: A Look at Victims and Perpetrators

Maria Concepcion Badiola

Women are said to be more vulnerable and therefore are more likely to suffer sexual violence. For that reason, the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols specifically safeguards the rights and safety of them and this measure constitutes a positive way to protect those rights and avoid the perpetration of sexual crimes. 921 more words

Human Rights