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An Interesting Cargo from Likiep

An interesting cargo hit the dock on Gem School’s campus this week.  The front loading hatch opened to reveal a company of outer island dwellers and their wares.  187 more words

Marshall Islands

Radioactive Red Snapper Part I

The Marshallese are avid fishermen.  Most of their diet consists of fish and rice.  And in the outer islands, you can add coconut to that.  Twyla was telling me that sometimes, when the small planes are delayed and unable to deliver food to the outer islands, the people have to eat shaved coconut until more supplies arrive.  451 more words

Marshall Islands

My Kids!

They make it all worth it.  When I saw all their smiling, happy faces greeting us and wanting us to come play, take pictures and give them hugs I felt a peace; they are  the reason I’m here.  106 more words

Marshall Islands

Welcome Home Celebration

Pastor Hone and his wife Mrs. Grace have been gone since the middle of January.  They attended a Believer’s Conference in Texas and from there visited several Marshallese churches in the U.S.  289 more words


Who won the Spelling Bee, you ask?

On this island, Spelling Bee competitions are a really big deal.  That’s one of the ways Gem School got such a fast notoriety was through continually winning the public Spelling Bee competitions held on the island.  235 more words


Gospel Day

The Marshallese Celebrate a holiday called Gospel Day.  It is the celebration of the first missionaries coming to the islands and sharing with them the life giving gospel of Jesus Christ.  169 more words


Cultural Day

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We had our Marshallese Cultural Day today.  130 more words

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